CSFF Blog Tour – Scarlet by Stephen Lawhead

It’s that time again, ladies and gentlemen, where I get to talk about the book I am currently reading!  This month we’re featuring Stephen Lawhead’s latest release, Scarlet

Some of you will be very familiar with Mr. Lawhead’s work.  The epic work of the Pendragon Cycle.  His interesting Sci-Fi thriller, Dream Thief (a personal favorite).  The ever-popular Albion Trilogy.  Now he’s tackled the Robin Hood story in his King Raven Trilogy, only against a the backdrop of wooded Wales during the reign of William the Conqueror. 

In preparation to read Scarlet, I borrowed Hood from the library (you can purchase yours from Indigo for a mere $10, in hardcover – mine should be here any day!).  Hood is the first book in the series, followed by Scarlet, and will be finished in Tuck some time in 2009.  Hood is an interesting story about Bran, who becomes King Raven (basically your Robin Hood), although the story of Robin Hood in the “rob the rich, give to the poor” sense doesn’t really start until you get to Scarlet.  It’s more or less setting up the stage for what we’re familiar with.  It’s still a good story, and cleverly written, but I don’t think it really gets good until the second book. 

I am about half way through Scarlet, and was really hoping to get it done before the tour came through – I guess I failed in that regard.  However, I can tell you that I am immensely enjoying the book.  I find the voice of Will Scatlocke to be interesting and intriguing.  At first his cut-to-present scenes with Odo a little annoying, but once I accepted that the story is really a narration of his past, it wasn’t so bad.  I really enjoyed the scenes with Will and his love interest, and the workings of King Raven and the Grellon.  I loved the chase-through-the-forest scenes, even though I found myself humming “Robin Hood and Little John, running through the forest” by Roger Miller (I looked for a sample online, but all I could find was the Whistle Stop.  I’m disappointed that I couldn’t find Oo-De-Lally, but if you’ve seen the Disney version, I’m sure that you can recall the song I mean.  Wait!!! Here’s the Video).  Anyway, I digress. 

I wasn’t such a fan of the Sheriff’s chapters.  It was discomforting to read the portions about what an evil man he was – like where he let his soldiers cut down a Welsh farmers cattle for sport, then took the slain animals back to his place to feed his staff.  I couldn’t help but have my heart go out to the farmer.  I don’t know if it’s Mr. Lawhead’s writing or just my hormones, but I almost had to put the book down (we’ll say that he’s such a terrific writer that one can’t help but sympathize with his characters).  Needless to say, I carried on.

I’m excited to see how the book ends, and while I doubt that I’ll finish it before the tour is over, I will still recommend the book (and the trilogy thus far) to those who are looking for an excellent English adventure with such a beloved character as Robin Hood.

Tomorrow, I’m hoping to post about my impressions about the physical book, and on Wednesday I would like to discuss… well, I can’t remember right now, but I’m sure that come Wednesday, I’ll be able to think of it!

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