4 Months Old and Such a Trooper!

Kitten is four months old today, and such a good girl.  It was her four-month immunizations today and it was so hard for us.  She definitely cried pretty hard, and I really can’t wait until the number of needles decreases.  I’m so glad that Rob is able to go with us.  I seriously want to leave the room when they give her the needles – I can’t stand to hear her crying!  She did ok, though she carried on a bit longer than last time. 

She’s a big girl, though, in the 90 percentile for her weight, and 95th for her height!  She’s between 25.5″ and 26″ long, and she’s 15 lbs 6 oz.  Her head is closer to the 50th percentile, but it seems in proportion to her body, so no one is worried about it.  Plus, it grows a little each month, so that’s good. 

I got my tetnus booster today as well, and my arm has felt ok most of the day.  It feels hot and tired now, but I’m ok with that.  Almost like there’s a bit of a bruise.  Rob and I also got our Influenza vaccine.  We didn’t want to take the risk of getting really sick and getting Kitten sick.  It would be bad enough to not feel well, but to not feel well and take care of a baby?  No thanks! 

Tomorrow we’ve got some shopping to do:  Diapers, breast pads, formula, a medium weight jacket for Kitten (the snowsuit is too warm for average days) and maybe some little boots for her cute little feet!  Darn, this winter business is expensive!

I got the rest of Kitten’s quilt cut out today.  It took me a while, as I took a break from it.  But I got most of the large square sandwiches sewn together, so that makes me pretty happy as well.  I have a few left, then about a million small squares to do, and then put all the pieces together.  I think my favourite part will be clipping all the seams because I can do that in front of the TV! 🙂

Well, I’m going to see if I can go work on those last few squares and then head to bed.  Have a good evening! 🙂