First Ride = Kind of Not Great

We took Kitten out for her first ride in her new carseat last night.  It didn’t work all that well.  Firstly, if you look at the seat below, you’ll notice that it has arms on it, and a pretty hefty base.  That part is a no-back booster seat that comes off.  We thought that we would leave it on because it has a recline feature, plus it would allow Kitten to be higher to see out the window.  It didn’t work as we had planned. 

For one, the recline part didn’t recline the seat enough, so when Kitten fell asleep, she couldn’t relax her neck without it falling weirdly to the side or forward.  So I ended up sitting in the backseat last night with her. 

The booster portion also made the seat really hard to get her into, because it made the gap between the car and her seat smaller.  I couldn’t fit her into the seat and get the belts on with her snow suit on, because the crotch strap was too close to the back of the seat, so I ended up taking her snow suit off and putting her in the carseat with a nice blanket.  It also made it impossible to see into the mirror on the headrest of the car seat to see her.  So, I was pretty disappointed last night.

This afternoon, I took the car seat into the house to try to rectify all the problems we had the night before (I was glad that we tried to use it last night, rather than on our way to church this morning!  That would have been a mess).  I took the seat off the booster base, and used two rolled towels to recline it properly in the car so she could lay back well enough.  This also fixed the problem of it being too high and not being able to see it her in the mirror.  It’s also about 4 inches less wide, which is nice because I think we could fit two people in addition to her in the backseat now.  I also moved the crotch strap out one more notch, so it can accomodate a snowsuit and big pants.  I think it will work pretty well now, so we’ll see when we go to the grocery store this afternoon.

As for the problem with the parka and the light sweater like you were saying, Jenn, I don’t actually have that problem.  It has the same adjustable straps like my bucket car seat did – where you have that pull cord in between her feet that releases and tightens the shoulder straps.  I made sure that I wasn’t going to have to adjust the straps at the back all the time when we bought that thing – I knew it was a feature that I wanted after having it on our bucket seat!  Now that the crotch strap is in a better location, I am sure that she’ll fit it just fine.

The only complaint that I have is that it doesn’t have the strap pads that go around the straps next to her neck.  I might buy some Jolly Jumper ones – I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that at Toys R Us, and then I can wash them.  Oh look – here they are! 

I’m much happier with the carseat now that we have it all straightened out.  It was pretty funny last night, though!  I had taken her out to the car inside my jacket, but when I put her in the carseat, she gave me such a look!  Obviously she was mad that it was kind of cold (although, we had warmed up the car and it wasn’t that bad), but she just looked at me like “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, WOMAN!!!”  If it hadn’t been cold, I would have just cracked up laughing. It’s a good thing that we had lots of warm blankets, and that the heater in our car is pretty fantastic!

Also funny:  At our friends house last night, there was a bit of freezing rain before we all arrived.  So, my friend’s brother was there, and parked on their driveway.  By the time we got there, his car had slid down the driveway, and almost into the street!  It was kind of hilarious.  Other than that, I really hate winter, and I’m not all that thrilled that it’s cold again.