Guacamole Baby

A little more than a year ago, I saw a naturopath for my allergies.  He pretty much told me to come back when I was done nursing and we’d talk then, but he also spouted off a bunch of stuff about babies, including how avacados are pretty much perfect baby food because they’re high in fats and nutrients for the amount of calories that you get.  I always remembered this, but didn’t really think too much about it.

Tonigh I made a Avacodo and Tomato salad that was pretty terrific.  I don’t usually buy avacados, but the naturopath’s recommendation came back to me.  I decided that while Kitten is too little to be eating solids, a taste of avacado couldn’t hurt too much.  So, I mashed some up and sat her in her Bumbo and spooned a little bit of the green mush into her mouth.  Her face was pretty darn priceless!  It was so cute to see her try to spit it out (and to drool green for the next few minutes!).  We won’t be giving her food for a while, probably not until she’s 6 months old, but it was pretty fun to see her reaction!

Before the food:

Hi, I'm ready to try that tasty green mush! 

First reaction:

Oh, that's not what I expected! 

Um… Yum?

You're still putting that in my mouth?