My Favourite Times

Here’s a top 10 list of my favourite things times (I was going to say things, but it looks like it’s mostly times) right now:

  1. Being the first person that Kitten sees in the morning.  There is nothing like this, her whole body wiggles, she giggles and has the biggest and goofiest grin on her face in the whole world.  I would trade nothing for this, and it’s my singular most favourite time of day.  It’s the only reason I get out of bed in the morning (that, and because I have to).
  2. Nursing Kitten first thing in the morning.  She eats the best (least distracted), and because I’m so full, it feels so great to be drained.  It will certainly be the hardest nursing session to give up, and I will arrange my schedule so I don’t miss it (it would be uncomfortable to miss it, but also because it’s the best one). 
  3. That last 15 minutes to half hour of the day.  Rob and I just lay in bed and talk about our days, about the coming day/week, and everything else that comes to mind.  It’s such a great time, and I love it.
  4. When Kitten is napping because I either get to nap along with her (well, not WITH her, she’s in her bed and I’m in mine, although I’ll sometimes bring her to my bed if I need the cuddles) or because I get to watch TV uninterupted, or because I can get some stuff done around the house (usually, I participate in the second thing, but SHHHH!  Don’t tell!).
  5. Watching Kitten sleep.  I still sneak into her room at night – not so much to make sure she’s breathing, but just to watch her sleep (although I usually check, but it’s not the first thing on my mind any more). 
  6. When I get to shower.  There’s just something wonderful about getting to shower these days.  I’m not sure why, maybe because it’s the only time where I absolutely know that no one’s going to bother me, but I cherish that time.
  7. Bath time with Kitten.  To be honest, it’s way easier to get into the tub with Kitten, so I do.  Sadly, this means that we don’t have a lot of bath pictures, and probably won’t until she’s able to sit on her own, because no one needs to see that much of me.  Her favourite thing to do right now is to flail her arms and legs as hard as she can to splash water everywhere.  It’s really cute, because she has such a concentrated look on her face, but I suppose that she’s learning about cause and effect! 
  8. Shopping!  Kitten and I go shopping just about every day.  We just like to get out in the world, and going to stores seems to be the easiest (although,  not always the cheapest) way to get out.  It’s getting a little chilly just to go walking outside, so we tend to walk around the local malls or stores instead.  This week, we’ve been on the hunt for an artificial Christmas tree, and new ornaments.  We’ve been successful so far, and I’m very excited for how the tree is going to look.
  9. Cuddle time.  Right before Kitten goes down for a nap, I like to cuddle and rock her for a few minutes.  She’s usually very quiet and restful during this time (except when she’s overtired, then she cries through it all), and she starts the “slow blink”.  I usually put her down just before she’s asleep, and it’s a time when we both get to just hang out and relax together. 
  10. Exercise time.  This is the time when Kitten is most happy, and we practice sitting, standing, and pushing up on our bellies (although Kitten hates belly time, so I’m thinking of getting her this, which should help her strengthen her muscles so she’ll enjoy tummy time a bit more).  Often, we’ll watch Baby Einstein while we play, too, and that’s always fun (for about 10 minutes, then I’m bored of it, and I’m sure she feels the same way).