Our Weekend

This weekend we had the opportunity to join some of the other couples in our church for a weekend away to learn about how to have a better marriage, and for some good old fun.  Because Kitten is still nursing, and we didn’t want to be away from her for the weekend, we took her with us.  I ended up missing a little bit of the learning, but I think that we all had a pretty good time.  The only thing that wasn’t fantastic was that she slept in the same room as us, and boy does she sleep loudly!

We also took her outside to the park in her giant snow suit.  She did really good, for most of the time.  We sent her down the kiddy slide, and she really liked that, then I put her in the kiddy swing, which she also enjoyed.  Rob held her on the whale, and shortly after that she got pretty tired, and started to fuss.  By the time that we got her into the lodge, she was practically asleep in her snowsuit!  It was so cute. 

Dude!  I'm Done! 

Playing with Daddy