Living on a Prayer

 Is it possible to have intimacy issues with God?  Because I think I do.  There was a time when I felt really intune with God, and I would pray all the time, about everything.  It seems like all I really want to tell God these days is that I have a strong desire to never ever have to bury my child.  I tell Him often, and repeatedly.  I’m pretty sure God is all “I KNOW, already!  Give me a break!”  I mean, I don’t even pray for other stuff about Rob and I, it’s always that Kitten will live a long healthy life, and that I won’t have to put her in the ground. 

I think that I use all sorts of excuses as to why I don’t pay more attention to my spiritual life.  I like to think that I’m too tired, that I’ll do it later, or even that I’m ok, and it’s not a big deal.  It’s pretty bad, considering that I call myself a Christian, and there are times that I don’t think that I even qualify for the title.  I mean, if Christian means Christ-follower… how often am I really following God? 

I’ve been going over a lot of this stuff in my head lately, and let me tell you, where I am right now is not all that wonderful.  I mean, life is good and everything is pretty tickety-boo…  But I know that I’m missing out on so much by letting my spirituality get so lax.  It’s time for a spiritual makeover, I guess. 

I wonder if most moms feel less than spiritual after their babies are born, or if they go the other way – they become more faithful and more interested in spiritual things.