U R Dissarmed by Headrubs!

Kitten has been very hard to get to sleep for her naps, lately.  I’m not sure why, if it’s because she’s not quite tired enough or if it’s because she’s overtired.  Anyway, today she cried and cried when I put her down, and I let her cry it out for about 5 minutes.  I ended up going back in to see if I could calm her down, and put in her soother.  I put on her music box and rubbed her head.  I was really suprised that she started to go to sleep quite quicly after I did that. 

Kitten has turned into a very different child over the past couple of days.  She now arches her back when she doesn’t want to do something, and she vocalizes (like in the video).  It’s very cute… although I really hate it when she arches her back, though.  It makes her very hard to hang on to. 

I can’t wait for tomorrow – Kitten is going to be so cute in her little chicken costume!  I’ll be sure to put a picture up!

Anyway, we’re off to the doctor’s for a check up, and to Zellers for a rubbermaid tote for all Kitten’s toys.