You'd Think I Would be Over This by Now

I still check to see if Kitten is ok if I think she’s been sleeping too long.  Insane, right?  Do any of you other mommy’s still do this?  She’s 11 weeks (I think!) old, and I’m still sneaking into her room to make sure that she’s breathing.  ::sigh::

She’s been in her room for all naps and night time sleeps now.  I feel kind of proud of myself, like I’m doing it “right”.  It’s weird to get such a sense of acomplishment by being able to put your baby down for a nap and have her fall asleep all by herself (most of the time.  Today she wanted to nurse before napping both times).  On Sunday night she slept for 11 hours, straight through.  I couldn’t believe it!  It was excellent.  Most nights, though, she’s averaging about 6 hours before she wakes up, then she eats and goes right back to sleep.  It’s like she needs a pitstop in her race of sleep! 🙂  I’m more than happy to feed her once a night, knowing that lots of moms end up feeding their babies way more often than that. 

I’ve read that around 3 months old they can be weaned off night feedings.  I’m not sure if I’m ready to do that.  Did any of you wean from night feedings, or did your babies just stop waking up?  I know my sister’s kids just stopped waking up at night, but my girl friend weaned her son off of night feedings (he’s thriving, by the way).  So what do you thing?

My afternoon routine usually is that Kitten plays in her bouncer chair in the afternoon until she’s tired, which is usually around 3 pm and then she goes for a nap in her bed.  During her bouncer time, I usually watch TV, which I continue to do after she naps (I use this time to fold laundry, work on her quilt, etc.).  I would always watch Dr. Phil, but after today’s episode?  I QUIT YOU, DR. PHIL!!!!  Dude.  I do not need to see footage of mothers trying to suffocate their babies, of mother’s who stick their fingers down their babies throats to make them throw up.  I do not need to hear graphic details about how a child watched her mother bury her baby sister ALIVE and how she watched her die.  I do not need to hear that crap.  I don’t think warnings of graphic footage were enough in this case.  It wasn’t enough for Dr. Phil to say that you shouldn’t let your kids watch it.  He should have said “the following footage is of mothers doing horrible things to their babies” and you know?  I would have turned the channel then.  So, I’m done.  I’m sorry Dr. Phil, but your place on the Tivo is being taken by Seinfeld because THEY DON’T SHOW PEOPLE TRYING TO KILL/HURT THEIR BABIES.  What the hell is wrong with people that the ratings are obviously good enough that they want to watch that crap?