On Saturday night, Kitten saw her hand for the first time.  It was so cute, she was waving her fist around and then noticed it.  So she held it still and stared at it for a minute. 

On Sunday (yesterday), she put her thumb in her mouth.  It was also very cute, although maybe not all that desirable.  It was pretty amazing that she brought her hand to her mouth, and managed to only get her thumb in her mouth.

Other than those two things, there really isn’t all that much new and different around her.  Kitten’s been sleeping in her cradle all night for about a week now.  Once the bed from her room gets moved downstairs, we’ll be moving her to the crib.  Yay for not having to listen to her snuffle around all night! 

I’m down to a constant 190 lbs, which means that I’ve lost over 25 pounds.  I managed to fit into a pair of pants I haven’t been able to wear since I was 7 months pregnant, which means that I’ve lost weight off my thighs, so extray Yay for that!