Water Logged

This afternoon we went to the waterpark.  Kitten even got to go down a couple of the water slides!  One was a real waterslide, with a 1′ splash zone (instead of a drop off), and then we went on a bunch of smaller, regular slides that just had water added.  It was a lot of fun.  It’s pretty cool, because it’s mostly just other moms and dads with their little kids.  So, lots of fun.  The only bad thing is that there is no “warm” pool for the kids, all the water is cooler. 

Anyway, here’s the pictures:

At the  

That’s me with Kitten and my friend’s baby.  This was in the wave pool at the water park. 

On the Waterslide 

Kitten and I going down the “real” waterslide.  There was one more turn above the one you see, and that’s the beginning of the slide.  It was pretty fun.  At first I was worried, but it was pretty fun.  Kitten had her eyes open, and watched us going down.  She looked pretty impressed.  If you want to see a closer view, click the picture and view it in “all sizes”.

Sleeping Baby 

An extra sleeping baby picture, just for you! 🙂