Hello, My Name is Kait…

And I’m addicted to pacifiers.

I don’t know what my problem is, but every time I see a new kind, I feel the need to buy it.  This morning, I had 5 soothers.  3 Playtex Ortho-Pro soothers, and 2 Mam soothers.  I had to go to Walmart this morning to buy some formula and diapers, and low and behold, there were new soothers to be perused.  I managed to pass up the Munchkin Bling pacifiers (thank goodness – they were cute but tacky, all at the same time), but couldn’t seem to leave without the Gerber NaturalFlex soothers.  I slay me.  I don’t think that I need these soothers, but I really really wanted them.

I think I’ve been doing this my whole life, just with different things.  When I was in high school, I had about a million different colours of eyeliner.  It’s what I spent my disposible income on.  I mean, they were only $1.50, as I would only get the Wet ‘n Wild ones (yes, I was exceptionally classy) and you can never have enough eyeliner. 

I guess the benefit of this is that my daughter has a variety of soothers to chose from.  We tend to try one, then the other if one style doesn’t do the trick.  And introducing a new soother to her caused her to reject the nipple shield and go straight to the breast, which was awesome (although what most women go through in regards to nipple pain is usually done by this point, and I’m just getting started – ouch!). 


In other news, Kitten has a cold.  Poor dear.  What’s worse is none of her snot is coming out of her nose, it’s just hanging out in her sinuses and in the back of her throat.  I can hear it when she breaths, but I can’t seem to clear any of it out with an aspirator.  ::sigh::  I picked up some decongestant, but I have to find out from my doctor if I’m allowed to use it, because of her age.  So, I should really get on the phone and take care of that.