You'd Think I was a rich girl

I’ve been shopping.  I haven’t taken pictures of her new clothes, even though I’m tempted.  I haven’t taken a picture of her new mobile yet, but here she is underneath it (in case you can’t tell, she loves it).

Smiles all around 

My only beef with the mobile is that the remote doesn’t work very well… in fact I can’t get it to work at all.  I think it might be the batteries in the remote, so I’ll fiddle with it later (not that it’s necessary or anything).

We also got her a mirror for the car, so we can see her in the rearview mirror when we drive.  We got the Rainforest Deluxe Auto Mirror, which plays songs and lights up.  It’s pretty cool, and she seems to like it, as she doesn’t instantly fall asleep in the car when we go places now.

Last week we got her the Rainforest Floor Gym.  It’s pretty cute, and she really likes it as well.

Her New Gym 

Sadly, the cats seem to like it too, so it spends a lot of time her closet, when it’s not being used.  Tych likes to lay on top of it (and get it absolutely hairy) and Nybbles likes to either lay underneath it, or go after the toys.  Bot of which are kind of annoying!  We now have all the Rainforest stuff that we had hoped to get, so go us.  Except that there are cute blankets and stuff that we haven’t purchased, and I’m not sure if we’re going to get any.  We’ll see. 

Oh my goodness – Rob is laying down giving Kitten a bottle, and he just put her on her belly on his chest to burp her, and she let out the hugest burp I have ever heard!  It was hilarious, and I am sad that I wasn’t able to catch it on video.  Kids should come with a warning system that lets you know when they’re going to do something cute or funny. 

Well, here’s my first attempt at putting a video on my blog.  Let me know if it works, or if it doesn’t work.  I’m sorry if it’s not terribly exciting, but there you go.  It’s Kitten under her play gym.  She makes the cutest little noises!  I’ve got to spend more time with my camera to try to capture all her sweet little coo’s and goo’s.  UPDATE:  It didn’t work.  And it ate the rest of my entry.  So, if you want to see the video, visit here

As for the rest of the blog entry… Um… there was some stuff, but I don’t know if I remember it all, so I will try to sum up:

  • We’ve stopped using the nipple shield all together, which is great for me (more convenient) but not so much for Kitten (there have been moments of getting sprayed in the face)
  • Her rash on her face is mostly cleared up, but she still has spots on her neck and body.  I’m assuming it’s baby acne or newborn rash.  However, now her cheeks feel hard and sandpapery.  I’ve been putting vaseline on them to see if it will help them soften up.  I truly hope it will
  • I seem to have some sinus issues lately.  Presently, the right side of my head feels like it’s full of cement, and my left ear hurts like mad.  Go figure.  I can’t tell if it’s allergies or a cold though.  ::shrugs::
  • Did you see Britney’s performance on the VMA’s?  Ouch.  It was pretty horrible.  I feel kind of bad for her, but not, all at the same time.
  • Have you viewed what The Office did on their summer vacations yet?  You should look it up on Youtube – it is so freaking good!
  • Well, everyone else is asleep.  I should be too.  Baby will want to eat in a few hours.  Have I mentioned how much I hate night feedings, and how ready I am to wean her off them?  Bah.