One of Life's Great Firsts

Friday night marked the first night when we didn’t know what to do with Kitten.  She had been fussy all evening, constantly at the breast, and had mild diarrhea with a mild fever.  I called the nurse, and she said that we should take her in to see a doctor as soon as we could.  Rob and I didn’t feel that she was really all that sick, but the nurse strongly suggested that we should go – better safe than sorry and all that jazz.  So, I packed her up and we braved the rain and went to the nearest hospital. 

Firstly, I think there should be 24 hour clinics for people who want to see a doctor, but it isn’t an emergency.  Because waiting in the emergency room kind of sucks arse.  All though for us, it was filled with Crazies.  Which was excellent fun.  It was around 11:30 by the time we got to the emergency room and through triage and all that, and got a chance to sit around and see what other kinds of people were in that night.  We had exceptionally drunk guy in a wheel chair with a cane.  We had antsy guy holding his belly.  We had an elderly Chinese lady (from England!  I overheard!) with a very broken wrist (you could see it by glancing. ::shudders:: ).  There were a couple of other people that weren’t easily diagnosed by looking at them.  There were also paramedics coming and going, bringing people in and grouching about their evenings.  From what I understand, it had been a busy shift, and pretty much everyone was not happy (the EMT’s, not the nursing staff).

It was actually not too unpleasant of a night, as we got in to a room just after midnight.  When the triage nurse took Kitten’s temperature, it had dropped back down to normal, so we figured we’d be in for a long wait, as she seemed normal.  They put us in the pediatrics exam room, which had a shelf full of pediatric type things, like teeny tiny IV bags which were so cute and so sad all at the same time.  They even had tiny little blood pressure cuffs, although I was informed that they go on their leg, which makes so much more sense then trying to squeeze their little arms! 

So, we were waiting in the peds room, looking at the posters, IV bags and other such things.  Rob wanted to play with the exam light and the touch-screen monitor, but I wouldn’t let him (don’t worry, he wouldn’t have).  Suddenly, a rush of people came in with a groaning guy into the other area on the other side of our curtain.  It was very noisy, and we could tell a lot of people were rushing around this guy.  Then they started talking… could be a gunshot wound, could be a stabbing… I found him like this and brought him to the hospital.  Rob and I could barely believe it.  I mean, we know this stuff happens, especially in the neighbourhood around the hospital we were at – but still… what are the chances?  Anyway, the most memorable thing I overheard was a man saying “I’m going to stick my finger in his anus”.  Yes, you read that right.  From what I could hear, they deduced that it was a gunshot wound, but there was no exit hole (the EMT’s kept going on and on about the lack of an exit wound) and I figured that the doctor might have thought that he could see if it was down there. 

Anyway, with all the noise and hub-bub, it really frightened Kitten, so I nursed her to calm her down (Nursing!  For so much more than just food!).  The nurse came in at that point and wanted to check her over, so she checked her temperature and all that, but seemed really distracted when it came time for her to do Kitten’s blood pressure.  She kept looking over at the curtain, and I guess she probably wanted to see what was going on with the GSW guy.  I admit, his case was probably a ton more interesting than ours.  Anyway, she ended up giving up even trying to look Kitten over, and left.  A couple minutes later, she came back and transfered us to another bed.  Which was so much better because it was darker, and much quieter.

Our new neighbour was Underage Drunk Girl Who Has Ruined Her Life.  Have you ever had that drunk?  Where everything is horrible and every one hates you and you’ll totally make this up to your mom/God/whatever?  Anyway, that was our new neighbour.  She sobbed pretty much the whole time we were there.  Kitten wasn’t tired, and didn’t really want to nurse, so we just let her hang out with me on the bed, and she looked around and kicked and did baby stuff.  Including dirty her diaper (again!).  The doctor finally came by, and basically told us that as long as she’s getting as much liquid in as is coming out, then she’ll be fine.  He also recommended to get baby tylenol and advil, as you can double dose (give one, wait two hours, then give the other) and it really helps with fevers.  And he said that we could give her pedialite if we thought it was necessary, but that she looked ok from what he could see.  And discharged us from there. 

All said and done, we were home and in bed by 2 am… which is pretty good, given normal hospital wait times.  When we left, antsy guy with the belly problems was still there and pacing.  Rob and I felt bad for the guy because he hadn’t even been given a bed yet, let alone seen anyone! 

We were watching the news today, and actually saw a report on the guy we heard next to us.  We know it was him because they said the time he was brought in to the hospital and they named the hospital as well.  Turns out he was shot in the stomach, and is still in critical condition.  I don’t remember if they said it was gang/drugs related, but I assume it was – most people don’t just hang out getting shot, or at least not in this city.

Now we have our first trip to the emergency room with Kitten done, and I surely hope that we don’t have to go through that again!  But if we do, I really hope that we don’t have a guy who’s been shot next to us!  Too much stress!