Out and About

Rob and I went shopping today.  Yay!  We got a few things: 

  1. A baby sling.  I don’t know if we’ll keep it because it’s kind of complicated, but we’re trying it over the weekend and if we can’t figure it out by then, we’re returning it.  It wasn’t cheap, so if it doesn’t work we want our money back.  They guy gave us some lessons while we were there, but we’ll see if they actually stick.  With this sling, I should be able to breast feed in it, which might save my wrists (I have been having major pain in my wrists from holding her head up, so this should help ease that up).  Plus, babies that are worn are typically happier!!
  2. A nursing tank top for me.  Bravado finally got their act together and has put our a nursing top for larger breasted girls, so yay.  It’s a lot more supportive than the sports-style bra that I have, so yay for that.  I’m very excited about it, and can’t wait to put it on.
  3. Swim diapers!  I finally found a reusable swim diaper in a small size, so it will fit Kitten for at least a couple more months (unless she starts gaining weight a lot faster than she is now).  I’m very excited about it, as we used Huggies the last time we went swimming and it got so swollen it was far too small for her.  I know, using disposibles in the pool is evil, but we weren’t there for very long, nor did the diaper explode.  It is kind of a ticking time bomb, so I am glad I found this reusable one in small.  Yay!  I also bought my friend one, because she was waiting to find a cloth diaper to use, but now she doesn’t have to.  Yay!
  4. I also picked up the photo corners, paper and envelopes so I can finish up my announcments.  So for everyone who wanted one and didn’t get one, and now thinks that I don’t love them – well, it’s just because I’m not finished making them! 🙂

Anyway, Kitten has been sleeping for far too long, so I should go and get her out of her car seat and feed her.  She’s going to be starving!