Welcome to My Crib

Guess what my baby is doing right now?  Sleeping in her crib.  That’s right, people, Kitten has learned to sleep on her own, and I think she even might prefer it. 

I’ve noticed lately that she seems to be fighting sleep, especially during the day.  I was thinking about it today as it was nap time, and decided that maybe she’s not fighting sleep, but it’s actually that she can’t fall asleep.  So, I nursed her a little when I noticed she was tired (her tired and hungry cues seem to be quite similar) and she comfort sucked for a few minutes, then started to fall asleep, so I put her in her crib.  She fell instantly asleep.  So yay.  I’m going to try to put her in the crib more often during the day, so she gets used to sleeping in there.  I hope that might make the transition from our room to her room easier.

I’m not ready to put her in there until we can take the double bed out of there.  Presently, there is about a foot of room between the double bed and the crib, and it’s just too squishy to maneuver during the night when I’m mostly asleep. 

We’ve also got to finish getting the nursery ready for a baby to live in.  We have a couple of spots on the walls that need to be repainted, plus I’d like to hang some shelves so we have some storage in there, then it will be ready for Kitten to live in there full time.  After the double bed is gone, of course.

Anyway, I’m doing the happy dance of “yay my baby can sleep on her own” today.  😆