I usually hate "Out of Sorts"

I’ve always disliked the term “out of sorts” because I thought that it didn’t make a whole lot of sense.  I mean, when are you “in” sorts?  Or are sorts some sort of stock that you can be out of, like french fries (true story:  My brother-in-law went to McDonalds late at night one night, and they were out of french fries.  How obsurd!)?  But, as much as I dislike the phrase, there was no better way to describe the past 48 hours.

Kitten has been terribly out of sorts.  I think it all started when on Thursday we got up to go to the breastfeeding clinic, and we had to get up at 8 am.  Sadly, she had been up at 5 am for a feeding, so it was an odd time (ie. not in her usual schedule) to wake up.  Then, I gave her an ounce of breast milk in a bottle and bundled her up in her car seat.  She really hates having feeding time interrupted, so she managed to scream all the way to the clinic.  Then she ate for a bit while we were there, but (again!) it wasn’t in her usual schedule.  Then we went to the zoo in the afternoon, which meant that she almost completely missed a feeding because she was asleep (her car seat usually does that to her, and we have one of those strollers that accepts a car seat when they’re still tiny).  So, she slept very poorly Thursday night, and had a not bad day Friday, but odd.  During the afternoon, she wanted to eat small amounts every couple of hours, and cat napped all day.  The last two nights she’s been going to bed super early, which is fine, except that she gets up during odd hours of the night for feedings.  I kid you not, this kid is incredibly scheduled, all on her own.  I feed on demand, and she seems to demand at the same time.  Anyway, today seems better, except that she had an incredibly long nap this afternoon/evening, and she’s already out for the night.  Well, maybe.  I actually hope that she’ll wake up in an hour so I can give her some formula so I can sleep for an extra hour before her next feeding, but we’ll see.

Tomorrow is church, which means another day that is not quite “in sorts”.  I hope that as she gets older this will be easier.

On the plus side, I got to shower today.  It seems that the kid and I are on the same bathing schedule… Wednesdays and Saturdays.  ::cries::  Don’t worry, I gross myself out.