A Real Life, Factual Conversation

Rob:  That Superbad movie got really good reviews.  So did The Invaders.  We should go see a movie tonight.

Me:  With the baby?  I don’t think they’ll let us.

Rob:  Oh yeah. 

Me:  Mom could watch her for a couple of hours, we would just have to have a bottle ready.  I’ll phone her and ask.

Rob:  Sounds good.  So what do you want to see?

Me:  I really actually want to see Stardust.

Rob:  Oh yeah, we can do that.  Well, find out if your mom will babysit.  If not, my mom would.

Me:  Ok. 

~ 10 Minutes Later ~

Rob:  So tonight?  We should stay home and watch our recordings of So You Think You Can Dance.

Me:  Really?  Sure.  That’s fine.  Mom’s going camping this weekend anyway, and won’t be able to watch her.

Rob:  I’m just really not ready to leave the baby yet. 

Me:  *snort*