I can't seem to write a decent post to save my life

Not much new today.  Still breastfeeding, although she absolutely refused to take the breast on the second part of her feeding this afternoon ::shrugs:: We gave her an ounce of breastmilk, and she’s been sleeping for the past two hours or so.  Can’t complain about that. 

Kitten’s umbilical cord stump fell off today!  That makes me pretty happy, as I always felt weird about it, like I could hurt it or whatever.  So in honour of that, we’re going to have her first tub bath tonight.  She’s covered in breastmilk (seriously, in her armpits?), and it’s kind of hard to get off with just a wash cloth without turning her skin beet red, so we’re going to do a real bath.

I went to the Chiro today.  He didn’t really look at me when I came in and made a comment about how this was the “tail end of it”… so I looked at him, looked at my belly, and looked at him again and said “Really?”  We had a good laugh, and he was pretty surprised that I had my baby already… I guess it’s only 3 days after my due date, and I know that I assumed that I would still be pregnant right now.  I’m so glad I’m not, though.

The weather has been nice today, and the forecast says that it’s going to continue to be mild.  We are absolutely thrilled about that!

I had a dream last night that Kitten was actually half of a set of twins, and I wanted to adopt her other twin (for some reason, I didn’t get to take her home).  So, I had to go to Walmart (or was it Home Depot?  I don’t know) and ask the manager to get special clearance to adopt the baby.  I don’t remember how it turned out, but in that dream?  I was totally buying my baby from Walmart.  Classy.