Just Another Day in Paradise

Even though I had a total crying jag last night before bed in which I vented all my frustrations in one giant, run on sentence that no one could understand, I’m feeling better today.  We decided last night that we need a break from the visitors until we get this feeding thing worked out.  Our visitors are wonderful and lovely, and we love to see other people (who knew we’d get tired of staring at each other? LOL), but it’s too hard to encourage breastfeeding when people are around.  It takes a good hour to get her full, and we just don’t know when that will be (for now), and I feel guilty when people come to see us and the baby and end up just getting to visit with Rob for an hour while we bug off.  Also after feeding, both of us just kind of want to sleep, or at least rest.  Plus, with all the sitting I’ve been doing, I think I’ve put undue pressure on my stitches and my tailbone, and I’m definitely paying for it. 

Rob goes back to work next week, and I’m hoping that I’ll be a little more functional by the end of the weekend so I’m not in such a bad way when I’m on my own (truthfully, he’s home for Tues. & Thurs. but he’s supposed to be working, not waiting on me hand and foot). 

The lactation consultant came by again today, and we worked out a side-laying feeding program, which is much more comfortable for both Kitten and I, and even though we weren’t any more successful on getting her to latch on the left, Kitten had a great feed off of the right, and I pumped the left.  We’re hoping that as time goes on, my left breast will start to let down faster and easier, and we’ll see how it goes.  Funny thing is Kitten is more likely to actually TRY to latch (rather than just scream) if I don’t use the shield on that side.  Weird.

So, we’re trying to not use as much formula, and just feed her breastmilk more often, including the stuff that we pump.  I’m looking forward to phasing out the formula, but we’ll see how that goes. 

Anyway, that’s all that is new and exciting for me.  Oh, and my dad & step mom gave Rob a cook book.  It’s really funny, it is called “Help!  My Apartment Came With a Kitchen” or something equally as amusing.  It’s a very basic cook book with really implicit instructions, not assuming that a person knows how to chop an onion or whatever.

Oh yeah, and our microwave is breaking.  The “stop/clear” button and the “4” no longer work.  Craptastic!  I have no idea what we’re going to do.  We live and die by that thing.