Very Little To Say

I’m sorry, but I have very little to say today.  I haven’t had the baby (obviously) and I’m not in labour.  I have until tomorrow morning to see if this membrane thing actually worked, but it really doesn’t matter all that much. 

I saw my chiropractor this morning and he kicked the crap out of me.  Apparently I fatigued my hips/pelvis a lot by walking so far yesterday.  So, he wants me to keep moving, but to take it a little more easy.  So, he stretched me all out (no hip cracking, which was good because I just seriously can’t get my knee high enough to do it any more), which felt good, except that it’s kind of sore now (as per usual).  He also recommended doing lots of squat-type stretches just to keep everything all limbered up.  So, it will be interesting to see if I actually make it to next week’s appointment or not!

I picked up some cards for our baby announcements today.  I have everything ready to be printed off, but I just have to wait until the baby is born, now!  That, and I need to make a list of who I’m sending cards to, so I can make sure that I have enough.  Heaven knows I won’t want to be going to the craft store for more cards after the baby is born.

Last night we had some friends over to play Munchkin with us.  So much fun.  My brother brought his regular Munchkin game (we usually play Munchkin Bites), with the 5th expansion pack, and it was super fun.  If you’ve never played this game, I seriously recommend that you try it.  Too funny!!!