Cat's in the Cradle…

The cradle in our bedroom seems to be occupied fairly recently, although more so since last night then any other night.  Sadly, not by a baby… but by our cats.  When we first set it up, they were interested, but not all that interested.  You know, ::sniff, sniff, try to jump in, get yelled at, run off:: 

This morning, though, I woke up to roll over and see Tych staring back at me through the bars.  ::sigh::  I know, it’s a great safe place to sleep – he can see everything (especially me), and it’s cozy and comfy, and there’s no pesky “human heat” in there (it’s still dreadfully hot).  I do have an extra blanket in the bottom that I will take out when we use it for the baby (it’s to keep the cat hair off the sheets), but still annoying.  Anyway, I chased him out of there, and he hasn’t been back in it (yet).  Nybbles on the other hand… Well, she just doesn’t listen.  She jumps into it in front of me all the freaking time, which drives me bonkers.  She didn’t stay long, as Tych also likes to lay underneath the cradle, and well, it’s much more fun to stalk him then it is to cuddle in a cradle.  She was totally about to make herself at home, though (presently, she’s dug herself under my housecoat, and is laying in one of the arm holes, so that might give you an idea of what her preferences are – I don’t think that her being in the cradle is really going to be that much of an issue).

When we first set up the crib, the vet told us that cats don’t like the sound of tin foil, so we covered the mattress with tin foil to see if it would deter them from jumping in, and it kind of did.  Until Nybbles decided that she likes the TASTE of tin foil, and we had to scrap that plan.  After all, if we can’t afford a $300 matching dresser for the Nursery, there is no way we can afford a $500+ surgery to have tin foil removed from the cat’s stomach.  Nybbs is the only one to get into the crib.  Tych can’t be bothered, and will lay under it instead (which is fine, and most of the time, when I find them in there, they’re both under the beds, Tych under the crib and Nybbles under the double bed). 

We’ve mostly kept the door to the nursery closed to keep the cats out, but I’m not sure that’s such a good idea.  Now when the door is open, they very much want to be in there.  To see what’s going on and such.  I can’t really blame them, but it’s not really fantastic.  I’ve been trying to keep the door open, but after the tin foil thing… I’m a bit warey.  I guess if I have to change the sheet to get the cat hair off of it before the baby gets here, that’s not such a bad thing, just annoying.  Honestly, we don’t really want the cats in there, but we also don’t want them to be obsessed with the room.  If I have to stay in there with the baby one night, I want the cats to be able to come and go (they’ll scratch the door up, if we close it), but I also want them to Respect the Crib, you know? 

Has any one else had to deal with this?  We’re pretty sure that Nybbles isn’t going to want to sleep with the baby – she doesn’t want to sleep with us half the time, and we smell better and move less.  Tych, on the other hand, is a master cuddler, and will want to sleep wherever I’m sleeping… which might mean that he wants to sleep wherever the baby is – I’m not sure yet.  He also has really long fur, and I worry that it will get into the baby’s mouth and nose and hinder her breathing (offers to shave the cat won’t really be appreciated at this time, but thanks!).  Any advice? 

PS.  I’m feeling crappy and weird today, so if you could all pray that I go into labour, that would be awesome.  If it doesn’t happen, I won’t be totally bummed out, but I’m trying not to think about it too much.  Chances are that it’s just gas, and I’ll wake up tomorrow feeling exactly the same way.