There's Nothing Like Hearing No Change!

I had a  prenatal appointment this morning.  The good thing is that I only gained one pound this week.  Go me!  It must have been all the hot weather – I don’t generally eat when I’m over-heated… except for freezies, but is that really considered eating?  Anyway, these days it seems that I eat breakfast (or else I feel like I’m about to hurl all day long… yay), then I eat freezies all day, then dinner.  And sadly?  Dinner has been mostly out, just to escape the heat.  And yesterday, to reward me for doing so much work during the day (I love it when a couple of loads of laundry, changing the bedding, mowing the lawn and washing the floor is a super productive day).

On the downside, I had to have another internal (aka PAINFUL) exam, only to find that I am exactly the same as two weeks ago – 1 cm dialated.  The doctor thinks that we’ll be in this until the end.  Even though it’s just a guess, and anything can happen, I’m likely to agree with her.  I don’t really WANT to, I hope this baby comes early… but I kind of doubt it will. 

Last night we went for a walk with our neighbours, which was quite nice.  Not a super long walk, but long enough that I felt like total crap for the rest of the night, barely able to move.  Maybe a walk during the day and a walk at night was a little much.  Oh well.  Anyway, I survived.

One of our neighbours lent us their bed pad (it was new – still in plastic!) to put under our sheets in case my water breaks during the night.  I doubt that it will happen, but I wanted to be prepared just in case, you know?  We’d be upset if something like that happened, and voided the warranty on the mattress.  Anyway, when I changed the bedding and stuff last night, I put the pad on the bed, and sadly?  I hate it.  I can’t even tell it’s there, except for that portion of my body that lays on top of it is more sweaty than the rest of me.  Yay.  I suppose because the pad isn’t absorbing the sweat, or at least letting my skin breathe in that part.  Oh well.  It’s better than ruining the mattress!

I’m also fully up twice or three times a night to go to the bathroom now.  I knew that it would increase, and I actually don’t feel all that bad about it.  Rolling over is quite the effort, so I may as well get up, pee, and then get back into bed in a new position.  It hurts less that way, plus I’m less likely to run into Rob and wake him up.  Although he seems to be running into me lately ::grumbles::  We should probably take advantage of these nights where we have our bed to ourselves, anyway, and stretch out as much as possible!

Today, I plan on getting my bag packed (finishing it up, last minute stuff), and cleaning up the nursery.  After I do that, I may try to install the car seat, as well as clean up our room so the cradle will fit in here.  I’m a bit worried that it won’t… so we’ll see how that goes.  It sounds like a lot to do, again, but tomorrow I go to the chiro, then I’m hanging out with my sister and her friends all day – so that will be a total slacker day (yay!). 

First, I’m going to take a nap, though.