Week 37 – Let the Nesting Commence!

Yesterday, I spent a bunch of time “nesting”, as some may call it.  I was busy.  And I’m paying for it now with sore back and sore knees.  I took pictures so let me share them with you (lucky you!).

First, I put up the valance that Rob’s folks had given us, and that I had picked up a curtain rod for on Monday.  Yes, it’s fabulous and super cute, and my mother in law things I should stuff the bottom part with tissue to make it puffy.  To which I say (internally) “sure… if it really is 1995, I’ll be sure to do that!”  I like it just flat, but there you go.

I put this up today! 

I think it’s pretty cute.

Also, here are a couple of pictures of our crib with the new bedding in it.  I’m sorry that it’s taken me so long to get this done (the picture taking, that is).  I’ve just been so lazy and so busy that I haven’t bothered.  Anyway, if you’re wondering, yes, that is tinfoil in the crib.  The cats don’t like the sound of the tinfoil, so if we leave it in there, they’ll learn not to jump in the crib… so by the time that baby comes, maybe they will associate the crib with tinfoil.  Which is fine.  And we’ll take the foil out of there before putting the baby in, I promise.

 A good view of the bedding

The holes in the wall are from the shelves we had up there previously.  Rob was nervous as they had fallen down (under an unreasonable amount of books – totally my fault), and I didn’t think they matched the wood already in the room, as they were yellow pine, and the beechwood is more of a soft pinky kind of colour.  Anyway, Ikea has some lovely beech shelves that I think we will be putting up some time in the future.   I have some framed pictures, stuffies and I want to get her name in letters to stand on the shelf too. 

Crib with Bedding 

I also felt like cleaning the bathroom.  We have three bathrooms, well, two and a half, technically.  We really only use the ensuite bathroom, although we both use the half bath downstairs on occassion and Rob does cut his hair in the main bathroom on the second floor.  Regardless, our bathroom tends to get filthy, and I have a bad habit of just cleaning the parts that you can see (admit it – you’ve done this before!), or at least the most important parts (sink, toilet, tub, counter, mirror).  This leaves a lot of the bathroom uncleaned. 

I was too embarrassed to take pictures of the worst parts, like all the dust underneath the toilet on the waterline, or in the corners of the floor near the tub, where the mop just doesn’t quite reach (when I actually wash the floor, which isn’t all that often because we have two mats in there that practically cover the entire space). 

But here’s one picture of a bad spot – the light fixture.  Due to the frosted nature of the glass, it’s hard to see the dust build up on the actual shades.  Believe me, it’s there, and it’s about an inch thick.  I think I hadn’t cleaned them off in about a year, and Rob might have vaccumed them last year some time, but that doesn’t remove all the dust.  So here’s the grody picture (you can really tell about the dust if you look at the silver parts):

 Dirty Light Fixture

Here’s the after picture (yay!  Much cleaner!):

Clean Light Fixture 

(I apologize for the flash – I didn’t realize until after that I should have zoomed a bit more, and like already stated… Me = Lazy)

Overall, here’s the “Before” picture.  Note:  This is as close of a picture of my new hair cut as you’re going to get, so enjoy it.  I guess.  It’s not like it’s that much different, really.  But if you feel the need to zoom in, click the picture, and view it original size or whatever.   You’ll notice (if you view it that big) that it’s actually of terrible quality (I have a shakey hand, I guess), and that my mirror is filthy.  FILTHY!!!  EWWW!!!

Dirty Bathroom 

Here’s a fantastic shot of the dirty water after cleaning the bathroom.  It’s milky looking because I use Pinesol, and that always goes white when mixed with water.  I’m not sure why, but there you go.  So it’s not all schmutz in there, but a large portion of it is!  I’m sure that if you looked extra close, you’d notice all the little drowning dust bunnies and such.  Poor bunnies – they’re dead now!

Ewww... Dirty Sink 

Yay, here’s the clean bathroom.  Not that you can really tell a difference, but there you go.  I’m sure that if you went to the original size of picture again, you’d notice that the mirror is much much cleaner.  If you feel the need to be reassured, that is.  Anyway, this is what I did:  Washed all the walls and baseboards, washed the floors by hand (including behind the toilet and the waterline), removed the sticker junk left over from our new toilet installation (that may or may not have happened a year and a half ago) with nail polish remover, washed the front and side of the cabinet as well as the top, cleaned the towel bars and toilet paper holder (they get dusty), wiped down the tiles in the bathtub, dusted the light fixture and the return air vent (above the toilet, you can’t see it – it’s like the fan you turn on in most bathrooms), washed the back of the door, cleaned all the stuff that sits on the counter, so it wouldn’t be covered in dust, scrubbed the toilet, and scrubbed out the sink.  Oh, and I cleaned the mirror.  Twice.  Because it needed it that badly.  You’ll notice that I didn’t scrub out the tub – I physically can’t get in there these days to clean it, so Rob will have to do that tonight (don’t worry, I have that Scrubbing  Bubbles stuff, so it’s hardly any work for him!).

After all that, I felt I needed a reward, so I had a Dr. Pepper float with Vanilla Ice Cream.  Yum! 

My Sweet Reward 

Also, two pictures of me and my belly.  Kind of.  It’s as close as you’re going to get, anyway. 


Me, closer up 

Now, I’m off to go swimming with my sister and her kids.  It’s going to be a hot one again this week… so we’ve got to do what we can to stay cool.  I can’t wait to see my chiropractor this afternoon! 

Oh yeah – My doctor’s appointment went good yesterday.  I didn’t have to have an internal exam (next week, though!), and my strep-B swab came back negative – no anti-biotics required for me!  Yay! 

She’s now guessing that the baby will be between 8 – 8.5 lbs, which is still an ok size, and she’s sitting at -2 station, so not quite locked and loaded, but definitely getting there – last time I asked, she was floating, so up above -4 (for those that haven’t taken a prenatal course – the baby sits in a “floating position” above the pelvis for the majority of your pregnancy.  Usually in your 30 something weeks, the baby just gets too big to be floating any more and starts to descend into the lower parts of your pelvis.  -4 is the highest that they measure, meaning that they aren’t all that close to the birth canal.  It’s kind of a backwards system.  0 station means that they are ready to come out, pretty much any time.  They’re usually sitting right on the cervix at this time.  Once you get into the positive numbers, you’re getting really close to labour, and with lots of women, they don’t get to a positive station BEFORE labour starts.  So there you go).  It makes sense to me that she’s sitting a bit lower, as I definitely feel a lot more pressure in my pelvic area.  And they tell me that it gets worse… fantastic. 

I did get a few of my questions answered, and the doctor was quite pleased that I chose to leave my mucus plug where it belonged (in the toilet!), as she said that lots of women bring theirs in to make sure that everything’s ok.  Which?  Totally grossed me out.  Ew.  I also got her rules on when she wants me at the hospital (when my water breaks, or when my contractions get to be every five minutes, for 45 seconds long for an hour).  And she assured me that I may continue to have false labour until… who knows when.  Until it’s real, I guess.  And that I did the right thing – drink a big glass of water and lay down.  So, I guess that all in all, it was a pretty good visit. 

Oh, and I only gained 2 lbs during the past week, so that makes me pretty happy.  Considering all the crap I’ve been eating?  Yeah, two pounds is fine by me!