Nursery Update

So far, we have our crib (perfect condition, second hand, solid beechwood), and our basic bedding (bedskirt, bumpers, sheet, blanket).  Also existing in that room right now is a double bed, an antique chest full of baby clothes (we have no dresser, yet), and basically all the baby stuff that we have been able to cram into there.  Rob’s folks (who have been pushy but incredibly generous at the same time) have also recently dropped by with the matching window valence for our bedding and a crib soother (which is being exchanged, as we think it might be broken). 

Yesterday, my quest to get the nursery a little closer to done (because it’s certainly useable, just not a “nursery” yet) took me to Walmart for a curtain rod, and to Ikea, to look at dressers.  I was very successful at both places. 

I found a pretty simple curtain rod at Walmart that’s kind of an antique brass look – only more coppery in colour than brass.  It’s not “kiddie” or anything (I did look – they didn’t have anything) with scrolly ends.  It’s quite nice, and I plan on putting it up today… if for no other reason than to get the valence, which has been washed and ironed, off of my bar stools in the kitchen (so it doesn’t get wrinkled!). 

I found the dresser of my dreams at Ikea.  See, this is the issue – about four or five years ago, beechwood was all the rage.  The majority of Ikea products came in beech, or at least in a beech foil, so I thought that matching this crib wouldn’t be much of a problem.  Wrong.  It has been horrible, trying to find something that matches.  We’ve been to eleventy million garage sales, and I keep getting calls from people I know asking if I want a birch dresser (so close!  but NOOO!!), as they found one for $ Onelowpricehere! 

Anyway, so this soon-to-be discontinued dresser at Ikea is perfect.  I am filled with a great love for the dresser.  So why am I blogging about the beauty and wonderfulness of the dresser, rather than building it in my nursery and getting that chest out of there so we have room to wander around?  Because it’s $300, which is only about double what we really wanted to spend.  So I am very sad. 

It is the perfect dresser.  It is beechwood.  It has two skinny drawers on top, one can be used for diapers, creams, etc (we’re attaching a change pad to the top of the dresser, rather then spend the money on a dresser AND a change table), then one for things like socks and booties, and all those other little items that you don’t want rattling around in a deep dresser drawer.  The remaining two drawers are not quite as deep as regular dresser drawers, which is so nice because again – you don’t necessarily want to stack your onesies 14 deep in a big dresser drawer, you know?  You’d never get to see what’s on the bottom. 

I was very sad when I left the store, because I wasn’t sure that we could afford it, and I thought that Rob wouldn’t be overly thrilled about my choice.  I was very, very correct.  He was so un-thrilled that I ended up bawling in the car, then having a great crying jag for a good 45 minutes, while waiting for my massage appointment (thanks, hormones!). 

The best thing about shopping at Ikea was the false labour!  Yay!  Thanks contractions, you made me randomly sit down throughout the store and curse the day I ever got pregnant!  I can’t wait to be in real labour, it’s going to be so much fun (!). 

So, to share the love of the beautiful dresser, I’m including a picture of it.  Also, pictures of my bedding and stuff, because I know you care (they’re from, not my room, so don’t be too disappointed.  I’ll take pictures after I put the valence up).

This picture shows just about everything that you can get in this line, which is all super cute, although we’d go broke trying to purchase every piece.  There are some extra things that I do want (hamper, basket liners, fleecey blanket) that I can’t get in town, and luckily, Amazon has them with free shipping.  Yay!