Gah.  I am so tired of not being able to breathe well.  As you may know, I have horrible allergies, and I’m allergic to pretty much everything that sways in the wind.  You might think I’m joking, but from March to November (when the snow settles in for good), you will usually find me hopped up on anti-histamines and sinus medication.

Except for this year.  Pregnancy doesn’t allow for me to use decongestants, anti-histamines, and generally anything else that allows allergy season to pass without too much of an event.  It’s very frustrating to know that relief is just  a block away at the pharmacy counter, and I can’t have it!  Grrr….

I have actually been feeling not too badly, as I am still allowed to use Nasonex, and use Dristan on occasion when it gets really bad (and only so I can sleep).  But after a couple of weeks ago, when we had to spend all day outside with our youth group, I broke down and picked up some Claritin nose spray.  According to my little book that tells me what I can take and not take, some people believe that a nasal anti-histamine, when used in low doses, is totally acceptable.  I was at a breaking point, so I picked it up, and I’ve used it (on occassion). 

Firstly?  IT FREAKING HURTS.  It burns the inside of my nose like nothing else.  I don’t know, maybe coke burns this much, but I’ve never snorted anything like that, so I wouldn’t know.  There is some pretty serious pain involved.  But, I’ve been able to get some relief out of it, so that makes me happy. 

This weekend, we spent the day at the lake.  It was so much fun.  We sat around and chatted, ate and I even got to go boating.  The youth group came with, so it was really fun to watch them go tubing behind the boat, and trying to make them fly off the tube.  So enjoyable!  I wasn’t sure that I would enjoy boating, being all huge and stuff, but the water wasn’t all that choppy and there were only a few bumps that were uncomfortable.  Maybe we shook the baby down a little bit further into my pelvis – I don’t know.  It was great.

By the time that we got home on Saturday evening, though, I was a mess.  My allergies were so bad NOTHING was helping, not any of my nose sprays, nothing.  I hardly slept that night, as I woke up a lot because I couldn’t breathe.  I even skipped church and a picnic on Sunday, because I was so tired (and so tired of not being able to breathe!). 

I’m feeling better this morning, but you had better believe that I’ll be chosing mostly indoor activities for this week.  Maybe I’ll do some shopping, see if my sister wants to go swimming, the usual.  Maybe I’ll even clean the house (shock!  Awe!).  We’ll see!