The Best Laid Plans

I was going to spend all day online today, in hopes of catching RMB on gmail chat, as well as tooling around everyone’s sites saying hi and stuff (because I haven’t been as attached to my laptop as I would have hoped).  Sadly, I think that I will have to leave the house.

It’s already unbearably hot in here, and it’s only 10:30.  ::sigh::

On the plus side, I did get to sleep in until 10 – something I haven’t done in a good month or two.  Yay!  I was very excited, although I’m afraid to know what this will do to my desire to sleep tonight. 

On the down side… I have been sleeping cuddling a pillow to keep my belly elevated (yay, proper sleeping techniques, where I don’t roll around all nigth!).  It seems to be working exceptionally well.  However, I spent the entire morning dreaming about cuddling people.  Old friends, new friends, ex-boyfriends, Rob, the list goes on.  I feel kind of like I need a shower – I’m a dream-cuddling tramp!!!

Well, the quilt store is having a sale, and I know they have air conditioning there.  Maybe I should stop by.  Hmmm….