Week 36 – Glad I'm Not at Work

Wow!  I’ve been preggo for 36 weeks already.  You know what this means?  I’m rounding the bend!  I’m heading into my 9th month of pregnancy, which makes this month the final home stretch. 

And by stretch, I really mean STRETCH.  I’ve been really fortunate so far with very few stretch marks, comparatively.  I mean, it looks kind of like I’m wearing a 3″ wide stretch mark belt, and that’s it.  A belt that has a smooth belly buckle, because they haven’t met in the middle yet.  I’m fully aware that this is the month that this will change.  I know that the stretch markes will grow and deepen (they’re a lovely shade of red/purple right now), and that they’ll spread to other parts of my belly soon enough.  I have a few on the tops of my thighs, but honestly, I can’t see them unless I look in the mirror, so I just don’t take too much time doing that.  I’ve been lucky to avoid them on my arms (even though they’re fat) and on the backs of my calves (that I can tell), even though my legs are like the stay-puff marshmellow man.  Overall, I’m pretty happy with my appearance, although I think the problem might be that my quality standards are getting lower.  Suddenly, I don’t care if I have a little bit of armpit stubble when I wear a tanktop.  I mean, what are people going to do about it?  Laugh?  I’ve had people laugh at me for worse things. 

I did have a doctor’s appointment yesterday.  There’s good news and bad news, I guess.  For one, the nurse was shocked at the size of my feet.  She thought that I had gained 7 pounds in the past two weeks, and totally thought that was ok given the state of my feet/legs.  Ha!  Truth was, the last time that she had written down my weight was back in the beginning of June (for some weird reason).  So, I had only gained 7 pounds in a month.  While the “desired” gain is much closer to 4 pounds, I am totally ok with 7.  That’s still not all that much.  I mean, it could have been 15 or something.  And seriously, with all the swelling… 7 pounds is pretty insignificant.  I have have been noticibly much MORE swollen lately, so some of that is water weight, for sure.

[This following section is fully brought to you by TMI – Too Much Information!  Skip it if you don’t want to know!]

The bad news:  1.  She took a Strep-B swab (which was fine) and checked my cervix.  You know how all of my pregnant/new mom friends said that it hurt?  Well, I didn’t believe you.  I have a cervix of steel, and nothing hurts, not pap smears, not tests, not even when I had to have my hpv treated up there (think wart removal.  on the inside.).  I thought that maybe I was super woman and nothing could hurt me!!!  Even when the preggo books were all “You might now want to have sex at this point because contact with your cervix could be very painful”, I scoffed and felt nothing!  So, imagine my surprise when she jams her fingers up my girl bits and I nearly burst into tears because WHY IS THIS HURTING??? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH MY CERVIX OF STEEL???  Even worse?  I was fully thick and she could barely even get her finger in (translation:  I will not be having this baby any time soon).  Gah.  Bad news: 2.  She won’t induce me until I’m a week and a day over due.  Which fully sucks, because babies don’t get smaller as they hang out inside!!!  They get much much bigger.  Grrr… Oh well, I will survive.  So, come August 1, everyone send the baby thoughts of how much she wants to be OUTSIDE ok?

Other than that, life is hunky dorey.  I finished my quilt last night, and I will post pictures just as soon as I have time.  I’ll also try to take some pictures of me and post those too… but honestly?  I look just as porky as I did a week ago!

Most exciting news:  I am going with my friend and her baby to the water park on Thursday.  We’re hoping to get in for $5 each (because of the baby), and sit around in the kids park.  It’s supposed to be dreadfully hot (ok, so 30 degrees Celcius isn’t that bad, but when you weight over 200 lbs and you carry around your own personal space heater?  It’s not a walk in the park), so we thought that we’d beat the heat and get out and do something fun.  Next week, we’re going to go to a “Stars and Strollers” movie (they screen specific movies where they turn the volume down and have “stroller parking” for moms with babies who want to see movies but don’t always have the chance to get away in the evening – this way the mom can see the movie and the baby can do what she likes), as this week’s movies suck the big one. 

Man, if I keep busy like this, these four weeks are going to fly by.