Boy oh Boy

I’ll be happier when this pregnancy is over.

We went to A&W for lunch after church today, and I managed to spill burger sauce on myself.  Not on my belly, or on my chest, but right on my nipple.  That’s right – I’m that talented.  Seeing as how it was a white shirt that I didn’t want to get stained, I used my Tide-to-Go pen to remove the stain.  It got most of it out, but of course the shirt stayed wet right where the sauce was.  So, instead of looking sloppy, I just looked like I was leaking slightly orange breast milk.  FANTASTIC!!!

On the other hand, I’ve had such good luck with my T2G pen.  I would totally tell everyone I know to carry one in their purse!


We got a Costco card yesterday.  Our first membership ever.  I have to say that their fruit tray’s are super cheap, and we got 700 diaper wipes for only $16.50.  Oh yeah, the savings.  They are rolling in! 😛