So, our house didn’t blow down, nor did we get swept up in a tornado. That is the good news. And the weather? Quite calm today, although there’s a lot of cloud cover left, but that may not be related to the storm last night at all.

This is how it went down: At around 10 pm, we notice that the wind had picked up, so we opened the windows in the house to get a breeze going through, to see if it would help cool it down. Annoyingly enough, every room in our house but OUR bedroom cools down super fast. Besides making me want to stab myself in the eye, it tends to make us want to leave our window open longer (which means NO SLEEP because the cats are in the window, on the bed, in the window, on the bed, and you have the frap frap of the blind control strings hitting the wall on the hard gusts. No sleep for anyone). Rob noticed that as he was putting the hose and sprinkler away around 11 pm (remember – new sod + no water pressure = watering all evening long, and moving the sprinkler around every half hour) that there seemed to be some interesting clouds off to the west, but they looked like normal, dark thunderclouds. We weren’t forecasted for any rain, so we figured it would blow over (these things often do on our side of the city, anyway). By 11:30, when we were both in bed (and not quite sleepy, yet), we decided to open the blind and the window so we could watch the storm (excellent light show, by the way) roll over and take advantage of the wind. The storm was moving pretty quickly, so you can imagine what we were thinking when close to midnight, there were still thunderclouds rolling around.

At this point, the wind had picked up significantly, and rain had begun to spatter down. And by spatter down, I mean drive at the house in very large, hard drops. So, we shut the window, and Rob went to check the weather. I’m not sure why, other than to see what they were forecasting for the rest of the night (and to check the warnings & watches, just to be prepared). After he checked (the laptop! She is so handy! We checked the weather from our bed!), I was calm for about 10 minutes. The was a watch for “intense thunderstorms, producing hail and funnel clouds heading eastward towards [name rescinded]”. Yay. I love funnel clouds and hail! Not to mention the 60 km/h winds that were accompanying this particular storm!!! So, I watched the clouds out the back, and Rob watched out the front (I’m not sure why, but there you go), and I grew increasingly nervous as the clouds danced and changed and were lit from the underside by the city lights. They were some seriously creepy looking clouds.

We also noticed that there was a ton of debris flying around. I knew that standing in front of the window might not have been the smartest choice, but I really wanted to see what was going on. You know, so I could grab the cats and hit the basement, if we needed to (there was some discussion about going downstairs, but we figured we’d wait for a public service announcement first – we had the TV on at this point, just in case). At some point of my insane worry, and my suddenly overactive bladder, Rob started laughing. Apparently our plastic kiddie pool had blown down the street. Not all that funny, until you realize that there were a couple of blocks of concrete in the bottom of it (about 24 lbs or so) holding it down. The wind was strong enough to pick up the pool, dump it over, and then blow it down the street. We waited until the majority of the weird clouds had blown over (about half an hour later) to go outside and get it. And by we, I mean I made Rob wait to go get it (heaven knows I would have taken the hit on the $15 pool to stay inside where it was safe!!!). We ended up putting it in the basement, which freaked the cats out to no end.

Anyway, by this point it seemed to be letting up – at least there were no clouds overhead (and my theory is that a tornado has to come from some sort of cloud!), so we decided to pack it in. It was probably close to 1 am at this point (this is after my continuous and obsessive refreshing of the weather network, looking for a change in status). We obviously made it through the night.

This morning, it was an interesting drive to work. There wasn’t a lot of damage, but it was kind of awe-inspiring to see what was up. The construction site behind us (homes) had quite a few walls down, as well as just general debris and construction junk strewn all over the place (happy cleaning, fellows!). On the construction areas on my commute, traffic lights on wires (rather than poles) were twisted and wrapped around other things (still functioning, though!). There was a section of the city that had been evacuated, as a large gas line was broken when a shed was ripped off it’s base and somehow broke the line. I’m sure that the insurance companies will be very busy this morning, as people call in the damage to their vehicles, homes and businesses. There were no few fallen trees around!

The worst part?Ā  I totally didn’t even think of getting my camera to take off a few shots.Ā  I really should have, and now I’m kind of mad at myself! šŸ˜›

Anyway, so all the drama is done. I’m very tired, but I have my coffee. My tummy has gone back to normal, and I’m no longer obsessively checking the weather. I just have to say – next time a storm like that comes through? I want to sleep through it.