Going to be Dead Tomorrow

It’s after 12:30 am, and I’m awake.  And at my computer.  ::sigh::  Looks like I’m not going to be feeling too fantastic tomorrow.

We’re having major thunder/windstorms here, which has me obsessively refreshing the weather network warning site, watching as the storm moves closer and closer to my city.  Funny, it seems more calm outside my window as time goes on, even though they’re saying that the storm is still coming.  ::sigh:: 

I should try to get some sleep.  While it’s possible to get funnel clouds out of a thunderstorm, it’s pretty hard to have a tornado hit your house when the storm is far to the north of you, right?  Right? 


PS – thanks, Mom, for your overactive nerve gene that prevents my nervous stomach from doing anything other than racing to the can every 10 minutes.  Not that I needed any help these days with that (Thanks Pregnancy!), but this is a new development for me – nervous bowels.  How fun.  ::shakes fist::