Doctor Update

We finally saw our OB this morning (last week we ended up waiting around for hours as she came and went to the hospital – turns out she did her delivery, but one her colleagues needed help, so she was paged back to the hospital).  We had a good laugh with the nurse, as she was pretty confused about why we were back so soon, until we reminded her about the horrible Tuesday last week.  She said it was pretty stressful, and I can see why!  I mean, pregnant ladies aren’t the most stable! 😆

Anyway, the baby is still head down, which I knew, and is also good news.  She’s pretty confident that Kitten won’t be flipping, and if she does, I’ll know.  Apparently, not so comfortable.  I’m not sure how she would flip, anyway, as she is somewhat engaged in my pelvis (she didn’t give us a station number).  According to how I’ve been measuring, and my growth patterns, I will most likely have an average sized baby – between 7-8 pounds, unless something changes.  This is pretty good news to me, although I am fully aware that it can totally change, and that it’s just a guess.  We also got to chat about her labour policies, and my labour desires.   We’re both in agreement that we’ll try to do this as un-intrusively as possible – that we’ll let nature run it’s course until we can’t any more.  So it’s my call on the amount of fetal monitoring (unless the baby is showing significant dips, or other distress), and we’ll try to keep the labour progressing as long as possible, using all sorts of tips and tricks before we resort to C-section.  She did tell me that she prefers using the forceps to the vacuum, as it’s safer, and allows for better placement and removal of the baby (if necessary), and that the only reason she’ll do an episiotomy is if I start to tear in an upward direction (egads!).  So that makes me feel a lot calmer.

I did see my Chiro again last night, which was quite good, but I think I spent too long in one position during the evening.  I am sore again this morning, and didn’t have enough time with my heating pad before getting out of bed.  My hips feel horrible, even though the more painful one is my left one (he has only worked on the right), so it must be compensating.  My upper back, though, feels great.  It was sore this morning, but not too bad.  On the whole?  I feel like I got hit by a bus.  I don’t know why, but I feel all weak and tired, like I have the flu.  It could be my allergies – they have been known to do this, but it could also just be pregnancy (what a surprise! 😛 ).  I didn’t want to come in to work today, but someone is supposed to be stopping by to see me about a project she’s taking over.  If she doesn’t get here until tomorrow, though, I’ll be pretty choked.  I don’t need to be at work, I need to be resting in my bed.  ::sigh::

Anyway, that’s how I’m feeling today.  As of tomorrow?  Only 6 weeks to go, and I’m pretty freaking ready.

PS. I’ll be doing another blog tour post on The Restorer by Sharon Hinck later today, so stay tuned! 🙂