Because I am too lazy to actually post

Rob and I have been playing a fair amount of EverQuest 2 together. Yes, we’re geeks. Rob uses the computer downstairs, and I sit in our room (the kitchen table is too uncomfortable to spend more than 15 minutes sitting there) and we talk over the intercom system on our phone, and we run around and kill monsters and gather stuff together. We’re quite the team.

Here’s some pictures of our characters (because you care! You do!):

Rob and I

My Fae Character

I’m the one with purple wings, Rob’s are Orange (in case you can’t tell that one’s a girl and one is a boy). We’re not wearing matching items because we’re geeky like that, but because they were quest rewards. And they’re the best we have so far!

If you’re really into it, you can see our player stats (woooh, fancy, I know).

Deval (Rob)

Devaki (me)