Walmart Parking Lot

I have never been so embarrassed, at least not in public, as I was today. When I stopped at the Walmart to pick up a few things, someone parked their gigantic grey van so close to the drivers side of my car that I coudn’t physically get into my car. I tried. It hurt, a lot.

So I did what any sane pregnant (ha!) would do… I cried. Then I waited for a few minutes to see if this person would be coming back any time soon… but no. And I had ice cream melting in the car. So, I ended up having to get into the passanger side, use my hands to lift my legs high enough (again, squashing my belly which really hurt) to get over the center console, then hoist my giant butt and body over the middle section. All while a couple of guys sat across from me in their car, watching and laughing.

Yeah. I’ve not felt this kind of unhappiness towards my body in a long time. I’m going to go lay down.