Prenatal Class

As some, if not most of you, know Rob and I weren’t able to get into a prenatal class. I was really quite upset about this at first, and felt like I would be completely unprepared. Most of my friends and family who have been down this road before assured me that there was nothing to worry about – the classes were almost completely a waste of time (unless you went to a fancy “labour style” class and paid through the nose for it).

Instead of just taking their word for it (because when do I ever listen to advice, really?), I did manage to find one class that wasn’t booked. The problem? It is in one of the skeeviest neighbourhoods in town, and it ran past our due date. While I’m not counting on this baby being early or even on time, I’d like to think that maybe, just maybe, she might not be overly late. So, we didn’t want to miss any of our classes (or park on that side of town), so we turned down the class.

Instead, I’ve been reading like crazy, and we just rented a video set of classes from the library (I knew this card would come in handy! 😛 ). We watched the first section last night, which was anatomy and pre-labour signals. I was disappointed that it’s basically a taping (albeit descent quality) of a class, instead of a video series they would show at a class. The lady who leads it is actually quite amusing, and seems to be very knowledgeable, as well as well-spoken. So, we learned about where the baby is sitting, what effacing and dilating really mean, and all that good stuff. Also, the signs that labour is coming (baby drops, weight levels off, diarrhea, Braxton-Hicks contractions, “nesting”, and one more that I don’t remember). I think that Rob found it interesting, so that’s good. The best part? Rob’s full body shudder when the nurse said “mucous plug”. It made it allll worth it, right there!

I also started reading The Big Book of Birth by Erica Lyons, which is totally FANTASTIC so far, because it has pictures that I can show to Rob. Yay. That’s great, because I can say “baby has squashed all my insides up and it’s uncomfortable, and that’s why I have heartburn and I am cranky”. But for him to see the picture? Well, it’s totally more “real” to him then. He was all shuddery at that point and gave me a hug. So now? I think I shall blow that picture up and put it on the fridge (and various other places around the house), so he can remember why I feel the way that I do. I wish I could find a picture for you, because the visual is really much better than just hearing “yeah, the baby pushes everything around and everything is tight and squished. It sucks.” I also got to show Rob pictures of what a cervix looks like as it softens and opens up, which really just looked like a doughnut. I’m not very far into this book, but I’m really glad that Sunday School Rebel recommended it to me! Thanks!!!

So while we aren’t sitting in a class, I feel like we’re both getting the information that we need to feel at least a little bit prepared for our big day. Which gets closer every week! I can’t believe it! I’m so excited!!!