33 Weeks – Sleep Deprived

Today marks my 33rd week, which means less than 2 months (hopefully) before the baby is born!  And I can sleep a little more (or maybe sleep a little more on my own terms, rather than not being able to sleep because my body hurts, or having to sleep because it’s that or cry).  Oh, I know that a baby tends to keep you up, and that you don’t get very much sleep in the first few weeks, but at least I’ll have the opportunity to lay down when she does, you know?  Now, it just hurts when I lay down.  Also annoying:  I am up around 5 am every morning, and I doze horribly until 6:30, when the alarm goes off.  I can’t wait until I’m done work, so I can just get up, read a book or whatever, and then take a nap later in the day.

I think that my problem is just my weight.  Between me and the baby, we’ve put on a good 45 or more pounds.  It’s a lot, and it’s causing problems in my hips and my back (not to mention that pesky hormone that tends to release your joints and all).  So, if I lay on my left side, I get shooting pains in my right hip, and I have a really hard time moving my right leg without using my hands.  So, I usually end up sleeping on my right side, which is fine… except that I’m laying on my side, so my shoulders tend to curl in and stretch the muscles in my back far more than necessary and cause a lot of pain.  ::sigh::  I miss sleeping on my belly.

To make matters worse, I am having insane dreams again.  Luckily, not about the baby (at least not lately).  Last night, I dreamed that some one (one of the characters from Degrassi: Next Generation, if you can believe it) tried to kill me.  Plus, there was stuff about going through a portal in my Nana’s closet, something about eating an Italian wedding salad, abandoning my (dream) husband, and shacking up with the guy who rescued me (a friend from high school’s brother, to whom I kept referring to as “you 11th graders”, because I’m stuck in high school).  I blame it all on the book I’m reading, The Restorer (which, by the way?  Is AWESOME).

We had a prenatal appointment yesterday, but the doctor wasn’t able to be there.  She was there, then she was gone to the hospital (across the street), then she was back for a few minutes, then she had to go back to the hospital.  We ended up waiting a couple of hours before they sent us home.  ::sigh::  I tried to exercise patience, because I know that it’s likely that I’ll be causing someone else to wait, you know?  And I tried to be thankful that we’re even able to see a doctor.  But I was kind of cranky and tired, as I just really wanted a nap.  We ended up having a few laughs, as Rob and I tried to amuse ourselves while waiting in the exam room.  Rob was trying to weigh himself, and decided that it was telling him he was heavier than he was because he had all his clothes on.  So, being the practical and logical person that I am, told him to take them all off.  He countered that as soon as he did that, the doctor (who’s a woman we just don’t know really well) would walk in and get one look at his behind and be a bit confused (she’s an OB/GYN, she just doesn’t see men).  In my opinion, it would have been about the only way to get the doctor in there – Murphy’s Law and all! 🙂  Anyway, we laughed about that for a long time, plus played with Rob’s camera phone.  There was also some discussion about using the rubber gloves to try to make rooster hats (I looked for a picture, but I couldn’t find one.  Basically, you blow air into the rubber glove, then you stretch it over your head to look like a rooster’s comb, get it?).  Anyway, I did find out that my pee sample was as pristine as usual (yay for appropriate levels of sugar and protein!) and that I only gained 3 pounds in 2 weeks.  This is especially exciting because I feel like I’ve been gaining SO MUCH WEIGHT, which is just annoying and probably less than healthy.  I’ve just not been quite as hungry, so I’m not eating as much as I was.

Rob’s pointed out that my laugh has changed in the last month or so.  He says it’s a lot deeper, and possibly more of a belly laugh, than anything else.  ::shrugs::  I tend not to think about these things.  I mean, I’ve noticed, but haven’t put too much thought into it.  I assumed it was just due to the physiological changes I’ve gone through.

I got Rob a father’s day present last night from Old Navy.  They used to make “I love my dad” type shirts and stuff, but they didn’t have any this year – how disappointing.  So, instead (at his wish) got a little onesie that says “daddy’s lil deer” and a pair of pink pants to match, a little onsie with deers on it (so cute!  I love their deer stuff!) and a super nice polo shirt (Polo shirts!  40% off!  Only $11 – huge selection!).  Now, we just have to go shopping for OUR dads.  Boo on that – they’re hard to buy for.  Oh well.

That’s all the exciting news and updates I have about this week.  We get to pick up our prenatal class-on-video tonight, so we’ll see how that goes.  Also, I’ve started a new character on EverQuest II – a fairy, and she’s puuuuuuurty!