Elevator Chit Chat

The elevators in my work building are broken.  Oh, they still go up and down, and function on a pretty normal level, but the doors seem to have minds of their own.  Yesterday, my mom was getting off the elevator, and she was leaning up against the door (holding it open) to finish her sentence to me before she got off on her floor.  The doors started to close on her, and she had to hop back into the elevator so she wouldn’t get injured.

This morning, I was a couple of steps behind the first people to get on the elevator, so the doors were already starting to close by the time that I went through them, assuming that they would spring back open as usual.  No, not so much.  I got slammed in the side with the door, spilling my coffee all over, plus making the lady behind me step on my heel (the least of my concerns, actually).  The best part?  The elevator conversation after:

Me:  Holy crap, those things aren’t working.  That kind of hurt.  You would think that the sensors would have told it “Hello!  Body right there!”  It’s like running the gauntlet.

Coworker:  Yeah, and there’s so much of you!!!

Me:….  Way to make a girl feel good first thing in the morning…

::sigh:: Seriously people, internal filters on!!!