All Inked Up

I watched the news last night, as I was in bed with my feet up and there was nothing else on. It turns out that a local tattoo artist was shut down due to unsanitary conditions. The footage was pretty nasty, and frankly it’s not a place I would have considered (I’ve passed by that location on many occasions and it just looks dingy, you know?). There was dust and dirt caked into the chairs, there were puddles in their basement, and they had mold and mildew problems due to water leaks. There was some talk about their autoclave machine, but considering how many problems have been had with those machines lately… I’m just not sure that many people actually know how to use them.

In the news broadcast, they interviewed the artist that I had initially started to design a tattoo with (back in my wild child days). He looks so different! He’s a total Dad – probably in his late 40’s, early 50’s and used to look like a biker with a big mustache and long hair. Now, he’s all trimmed up – short buzz cut and a short mustache. He looks 10 years younger, I swear. Anyway, that got me to thinking about all the different tattoos I’ve thought about getting, and never did (I am still un-inked to this day, for an inability to be able to desire a design for more than a year – I figure that if I don’t still want it in a year, then I shouldn’t get a permanent tattoo). So, here’s my list:

  1. Cartoony firecracker right above my bum. Before I knew it was a Tramp Stamp, that is. This is the one that the artist was helping me design. I wanted something small and cute that wouldn’t be visible to the public eye (I’m not one for low cut pants – my hips aren’t built for those), but would mean something to me at the time. Unfortunately, it had everything to do with who I was dating at the time (he was involved in pyrotechnics, and just had a penchant for blowing stuff up). So I’m super glad on so many levels that I didn’t get that one done.
  2. Ba-qua, underneath my breastbone, where my ribs meet. My theory was that it wouldn’t have stretched during pregnancy (ha!). It was meant to protect the wearer (I had a coin one, at that point, and loved it so much I wanted it on my body). Again – maybe not the highlight of my life, and definitely not something that I would want on my body right now. By the way, it looked like this: Ba-Qua plus it would have had a octagonal boarder.
  3. The next tattoo I wanted was a small set of angels wings between my shoulder blades, but I wanted them to look like circuit boards. Because I’m a geek. Then, I wanted my new last name (after I got married) spelled out in binary between the wings… until I realized that would be over a hundred characters long, and that just wouldn’t work. So I thought maybe in Hex, but it wasn’t that important to me.
  4. Now, I still want my wedding date tattoo’d on my wedding ring finger in roman numerals. Rob and I had talked about getting that done back in the day, but never did it. I’m hoping that I still might, but we’ll see. It would be a very fast and very cheap way tattoo, but I’m afraid that once I start, I might not want to stop, know what I mean?

Anyway, do you have any tattoos? What are they, and where do they live? Do you regret them at all?