The Interwebs are Broken

I had a large post.  It was eaten by our server here, so sadly it is gone.  I will try my best to recreate it for you.


I did not sleep well last night.  It took me forever to actually get to sleep (and for once, I wasn’t too hot), then I couldn’t manage to STAY asleep – I was either waking up because my hips were sore, my dreams were crazy or I had to pee (again).  Also, thanks to Rob’s new favourite passtime: SNORING.  Yeah, I thought that it was ME who was supposed to snore as time went on, but no.  It’s been Rob.  Oh well.  Needless to say, I was not very awake when I got up this morning.

However, I managed to get through my shower without losing too much blood (yes, I can still shave my legs for the most part) or falling down.  I may or may not have showered and shaved with my eyes closed, but regardless!  I am alive!  I don’t look too bad!  I have all the skin on my legs still!

Sadly, my morning went downhill from there.  See, I was hoping to wear a skirt today.  I found a pair of maternity stretchy cotton shorts in my drawer from my sister, and they are fantastic under skirts to keep the heat rash away.  So, I figured that I would wear a kicky skirt, these shorts and a nice top and I would be instantly out of Slobsville, USA (where I have been spending a lot of time lately).  To my dismay, all my skirts (hand me downs) are in the “medium” size bracket, when I am clearly a “large” and even an “extra large” in some brands.  Seriously – every skirt was too small.  I have one dress that I can wear.  I did try on a long blue dress that my sister made, and it’s not too poorly fitting, except that it’s a little tight in the chest and I wasn’t sure if it would be comfortable all day (figured I’d wear it to church first, where I would only have to wear it for a few hours, as opposed to 8 hours).  I also have a short one that she made that I was fully too depressed to try on this morning.  Another day, perhaps.  Long story short – I feel very guilty, but I am wearing jean shorts (knee length) to work.  But seriously – pants are too hot, and you’ve heard about the skirt/dress situation.  ::sigh::


My laptop is now fully functioning and cleaned up.  Rob removed all the crap free software that Dell installs automatically, and upgrades some drivers and such.  So it’s ready for Serious Business!  I still need to put Office and Photoshop on it, but otherwise, I’m ready for anything.  Including EverQuest II.  Because if you can beat him, join him!  Plus, I want to create a fun character and stuff.  Also, now that we have it on two computers, we can both play at the same time and go on quests and stuff together.  Yay.


We have the greenest tree on our street, because no one else has been watering their trees during this hot and dry spell we’ve been having.  So, while everyone has slightly wilty leaves, ours are full and green and bushy!  Yay!  So take that, fellow neighbours.  Just because you have grass doesn’t make your yard nicer than ours any more, because our tree could totally beat up your tree!


I no longer have ankles.  My feet aren’t really all that attractive either, as they have no shape.  Needless to say, I am looking forward to cooler weather, and possibly having my feet up a little more often.  Where are my house-elves to do my laundry?