I am so ticked off at Canada Post right now.  I received a notice that my parcel (yay!  Sephora!) had come in.  I, with my ultra swollen feet that had finally started to subside, sent Rob to go pick the parcel up.  He came back fairly ticked off.  Apparently, they have recently decided that they won’t allow anyone other than who is listed on the ticket to pick up the package.  Even though Rob’s last name is the same as mine, and the address is the same, he’s still not allowed.

This is very frustrating, because my plans for the evening included sitting in bed with my feet above my head trying to get the fluid out of my feet so I can get the circulation back in.  Luckily, my plan (as far as the feet go) seems to be working.  So, I decided to head over to the post office to pretty much tell them what I think of their new rules.  Sadly, there was no manager to take issue with, so I wrote a fairly irate (but polite) email to Canada Post indicating what a moronic policy they created.  It’s incredibly stupid for a couple of reasons:

  1. They didn’t ask for my ID when I picked up my package tonight.  Meaning, they didn’t seem to care who I was, other than I was female, picking up a parcel under a female’s name. 
  2. I signed a note (!!!) that was to be put on their bulletin board in the mailroom indicating that Rob could pick up packages with my name on it.  This is silly because they didn’t ID me, so who’s to say that I am really who I said I was?  I mean, technically, I could be stealing mail, and they’re just going to believe me that is who I am. 
  3. My mail is routinely shoved into someone else’s mail box, and I trust that our neighbours will deliver it to our house (they usually do).  How is not releasing parcels to people with the same surname and address on their ID any more secure than that?  I mean, I understand that we have a bit of a labour shortage and stuff, but if the mail carriers can’t even deliver to the right mailbox… well… I don’t see why giving my husband a package meant for me is such a huge risk.

Ugh.  So idiodic.