Segways and Bags

I saw the Ultimate Geek this morning.  Seriously, he would have inspired jealousy from geeks all around the world, if only they could have seen him.  While pulling out of the Starbucks parking lot, I noticed him on the sidewalk.  On a Segway.  In his very, very professional looking business clothes, with a bright green helmet.  If I had time, I would have taken a picture, because there was something very amusing about this middle aged (you could tell, he wasn’t a young geek, but an old one) man, riding his Segway to work.  It made me giggle.

I found Muncho’s this weekend.  If you don’t remember the RSM post where she referred to Munchos (of which I hadn’t heard of before), you can see it here.  Otherwise, they’re pretty good.  They only had the plain flavour, and I wonder if they have others, but yeah.  They’re potato chips that are cut really thin and have lots of little holes in them, almost like what you would imagine a puffed rice chip to be like.  I enjoyed them.  Plus, not as much salt as a lot of other chips, so not so salty!  Yay!

Last night, I had several dreams about going into labour, and not being ready.  So I have made it my goal this week to get my bag packed and put in the closet (where Rob knows it is, and I don’t have to see it every day).  I have an idea of what goes in there (baby clothes, a change of clothes for me, socks to throw away, night gown or whatever, several changes of underwear, toothbrush, etc.), but wanted those who’ve been there to help.  What can you think of, specifically, that you think I’ll need?  I only plan on being there for about 24 hours (unless something horrible goes wrong), so I don’t need to be entertained or anything for days on end.  And specifically – what brand/kind of menstrual pad did you take with you that you found worked the best?  It’s my understanding that the “normal flow” ones might not be the best choice at first.  I’m hoping that by getting my bag packed, my dreams (and obvious sub-conscious worry) will switch from GETTING to the hospital to the ACTUAL labour part.