CSFF Blog Tour – The Sword Review, Day 2

So, I don’t think that I have much more to say about the specific ezine itself, so let me tell you about what the other bloggers are saying about it. If you have the time, have a look around at these other blogs – they’re great quality and often have interesting things to say!

To Highlight a Few:

Hanna talks about the site design today, and has even posted a couple of redesign ideas that prove to be very cool (and much improved, in my opinion!).

D.G.D Davidson reviewed one of the stories, Tiama, A Story of Hope.

Kameron has an interview with one of the Editors, Marcy Rockwell.

Marcus highlights a bit of the poetry from the website, and give a pretty thorough review.

John brings up many of the site’s good points in his excellent review.

The Entire Participant List:

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