The Weekend According to Plan

Our plan for the weekend went exceptionally according to plan, which was to do as little as possible.  Plus pull the weeds in the backyard, but that didn’t happen (thanks, rain!).

The most exciting of all of our days was probably Sunday.  We went to church, and then went out for lunch, then home for a nap.  Fortunately, I was able to nap for a while, but still woke up by 2:30 (church let out early, at 11, so everything was bumped up).  It was a really nice day (nicest of the weekend, by far), so we decided to go mini-golfing at one of the City’s parks.  The course wasn’t all that fantastic (pretty old and run down), but we still had a good time.  It was really quiet, and were behind a slow group of four, so we would golf through the green, then while we were waiting Rob would redo the green until he could get a hole-in-one or a 2 shot (birdie?).  It was pretty funny, the things he’d try.  The people in front of us brought their teeny tiny little dog, which we decided our cats could beat up with one paw tied behind their backs.  It was pretty cute, though – it had an itchy face, so it would rub and rub and rub along the green to scratch himself!  After our golf was done, we went to my sisters to play some excellent Seafarers of Catan.  It was great fun, even though a bit of a learning experience for some ::cough::Jenn::cough::  We hadn’t played Seafarers in a long time, and really hadn’t played Catan that recently either (except for that other time where we played with Jenn and family), so it was nice.  Also fun:  Giving a one year old two little yogurt cups and telling her to go hard.  Yogurt’s good for the skin and hair (and wall) right?  Right?

Yesterday, we did a heck of a lot of nothing, again.  We did play some Mariokart Double Dash, and won the gold medal in the All Tour Cup (I think), so I would say it’s safe to say that we beat that game.  We’ll have to move on to Tennis or Soccer or something.  Sadly, we only play games together where we don’t compete against each other.  I’m really really not at the skill level that Rob is, and it’s not fun to lose every single game (and I’m not going to ask him to lose just so I can feel like I accomplished something).  It’s a compromise that we’ve come to that works.  If we play on a team, then we both get to walk away from the game feeling good, rather than feeling like one of us won and one of us lost.

We also went to Rob’s sister’s for dinner and played Munchkin Bites.  It was a lot of fun.  We hadn’t really played it a lot, as it doesn’t work so well just playing with two people (and there’s the competitive factor again), so we’ve not had it out too often.  But yeah, good times!  I think that Rob’s family enjoyed it too.


Rob’s Granny passed away last night.  She had Alzheimers, and I hadn’t met her (she couldn’t remember Rob, so we didn’t drive all that way to visit, plus she wasn’t able to come to the wedding), but it’s still sad for her to pass.  We’ll be traveling to Saskatchewan to attend the funeral sometime later this week (no confirmed details as of yet).   Depending on what is decided for the funeral, we’re hoping to go down and come back the same day of the funeral… unless the family decides to have a “hang out” kind of weekend.  Rob’s not feeling too poorly about this – it was kind of expected (I mean, once a grandparent reaches that age, you are kind of expecting it), and really, he lost the relationship with her when she lost her memory.  We feel pretty badly for his parents, though, and their siblings.  Losing a parent must be very hard.