CSFF Blog Tour – The Sword Review

It’s blog tour time again (I’ve missed a few, due to unavailability of the books and my own laziness), so brace yourselves! Today and tomorrow we’ll be talking about The Sword Review, which is a website about the Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy genre.

On the main page, you’ll find 13 different CSFF works reviewed. You can follow the links provided to view the synopsis or a portion of the work, the author’s website (or a link relating to the author in some way), and then you can follow the linky link trail to the discussion board to talk specifically about that item! All very convenient and at your finger tips! You will also find a link to their Myspace Page, the contributers blogs, a store, and information for potential writers/contributers.

After browsing through the pages for a bit, I found that the site, while not overly flashy or glitzy, is slick and easy to navigate. There are things about it, visually, that I may have not chosen (I’m not a fan of the colour scheme, for example), but those things seem to compare when you realize that you’ve hit pay dirt when it comes to content. This site is great for anyone who writes CSFF or SFF in general, with tons of information on writing, publishing, etc. It’s even great for bibliophiles who may not write, but just LOVE books/reading.

If you want to see what some of what other readers (and more specifically, writers) are saying, view the links below.

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