My Favorite Purchase

I’m here to tell you about the best thing that I picked up in Florida. It wasn’t kids clothes. It wasn’t makeup (although I love my new berry eyeliner duo and my new berry lippy**). It wasn’t the line of Mango Mandarin bath products from Bath and Body Works. No, it’s my new Goldie Handbag from B&BW (you can’t buy it online, it must be old). The reason that I love it so much is this: it was something I lusted after, and thought I couldn’t have, but then it fell into my lap anyway.

Here’s the story. I went to B&BW the first day that we were in Florida (you know, not that day of travel, but the next day). I saw the bag. I coveted. I petted it. I cried a little on the inside because it was $50 USD, and I did not need the bag that badly (I might have wanted it that badly, but alas, I am not the final judge on what we spend money on). So, I passed it by. I passed it by again, the next day, when we were in a different B&BW (the other girl I was with was on the hunt for the Worlds Softest Robe, and needed to run all over the city to get enough in the right sizes). I even showed it to Rob, petted it, professed my undying love, and walked away. I did manage to buy myself those lovely Mango Mandarin products that I had mentioned earlier, which was a highlight, but it was not The Bag. So, on our second last day, we made one final trip to B&BW (yes, we are obsessed) because Angie wanted to get some more cream for herself (she only bought gifts), and my shampoo bottle lid was broken. Angie was paying at the counter as I was vocalizing my lament over the price of the beautiful bag, while I petted it. Then the sales girl (who I love! And would marry if I wasn’t already married and stuff) piped in with “Oh, they’re only $10 right now!!!” After I passed out, I promptly bought one (white! With pink!), and made myself NOT buy two (green! With pink!). Then, I petted it and wandered around with it for the rest of the day.

I’m officially joined at the hip to my new bag, and below, you can view the pictures of the beautiful Goldie bag (it also came with a dozen samples, some I’ll use and some I threw out before I got home, and it came with a full sized lipgloss… which isn’t bad, but a little sticky).

Floppy Goodness

The Inside!



Ruffles and stuff

Hey Look!  My pictures from Florida (I keep typing “Floriday”) are up on Flickr.  Enjoy!

** I love love love these two things I bought from Sephora.  I usually only buy things that Mary Kay does not sell (sadly, eyeliner, shadow and lipgloss are all things that they DO sell), but I couldn’t have passed these up.  Basically, with the eyeliner thinger, you get get eye liner (yay!), a smudger (yay!) and one section twists off to reveal a second smudger thing that actually has eye shadow on it!  It’s so beautiful and easy to use.  I could have bought one in every colour (and I would have been shot, I know).  I really also liked the lippy, as it’s a pencil of lip gloss with very light colour, but it feel so freaking good when it’s on.  Much more like lip balm then gloss.  It’s not really sticky at all, which is so nice (so tired of tacky lips).  It comes with it’s own sharpener, too, which is awesome because 1. it’s a very fat pencil; and 2. I find that other sharpeners never make pencils they weren’t designed for quite right.  So yay.  If I had the money, I would have picked up a couple more of these sets (the lip colour and eye colour are quite complimentary), because it takes me all of three minutes to apply the two (or less!) and I get great results every time.  If I had known I would have made such a find, I would have not brought down what little make up I did (and, I would have picked up a Stila Bronzer, because it’s apparently my new favorite brand).