Week 29 – Welcome, Braxton Hicks!

So.  29 Weeks.  Almost 3/4 of the way through!  I can’t believe it.  On one hand, I am so ready to sleep on my tummy again.  On the other, I am NOT READY to have a baby.

We’ve had some interesting times over this past week.  While I felt that my blood pressure was awfully high (in the 130’s – my usual is about 118), the doctor didn’t seem too concerned.  I was pretty freaked out before my appointment, as I wasn’t sure what to expect.

I met my Obstetrician yesterday.   She’s really nice, and very pretty and calm.  The one thing that I liked about visiting her office yesterday is that it was very orderly, and very quick.  It’s a tiny little place with a tiny little waiting room, but we only had to sit there for about 10 or so minutes.  I also like that their scales are in the room, so I’m not standing in the waiting room while the nurse records my weight in front of everyone (ps. Still under 200 lbs.  Go me!).  And, the OB has her own nurse – so I get to deal with the same lady all the time.

She gave me a cup to take home to pee in first thing in the morning, the day of my next exam (two weeks).   I’ve never had to do that before, so it will be interesting.  Does anyone else’s doctors make them do that?  I imagine it’s because your morning pee has the most stuff in it… but it kind of surprised me.

When she took my measurements, I ended up having a very painful Braxton Hicks contraction.  I wasn’t sure that was what it was, but when she was poking me and I was full on “DON’T TOUCH ME, DEVIL WOMAN!!!” she informed me that it was a contraction, as my tummy was very very tight.  She didn’t tell me what I measured, but I would imagine that it was all ok, as she wasn’t concerned.   The baby’s heartbeat was at 150, so I think that’s pretty good.

Kitten has been pretty quiet lately… but I would think that if I was getting squeezed 24/7, I would move around less too!  Plus, she’s getting bigger, so I would imagine that it’s getting a little tighter in there.  On Sunday, I got to watch my belly moving around, so that was pretty cool (although it wasn’t like watching a foot move all the way across the belly or whatever).  Speaking of her getting bigger, my stretch marks are (unsurprisingly) increasing as well.  The saddest thing?  My sister gave me a bunch of her “end of term” maternity clothes.  I tried on one outfit this morning and seriously couldn’t get it over my hips ::cries::  Jenn was much smaller than I was to begin with, so this shouldn’t surprise me, but for some reason, I find it kind of depressing.  Oh well.

I’m really rather emotional this week (you think?).  I’ve been quick to cry about just about everything, but blessedly, I haven’t been feeling too angry.  I would much rather cry than be mad.  I know that I can get short and snappy with people, but so far it hasn’t been too bad.  I’m hoping that I’ll be able to keep to an even keel for the remainder of my time.  I know, good luck… but a girl can dream, can’t she?

I haven’t really started to nest yet, but I assume that will come in the next few weeks.  I do worry about not being ready, but I’m too tired to do anything about it.  ::sigh:: I guess I should be going to bed earlier!  I do have a few new AWESOME kids outfits, thanks to my trip and to my sister, so I should take some photos of that stuff to show you all.  I’ll do that soon.

Anyway, that’s how I’m feeling this week.  Not a lot different from last week, except more hurty and more tired.  This is kind of how it goes, though, doesn’t it?  Until the end?