The Night I ate Snow Crab

During our stay in Ft. Lauderdale (or one of the suburbs thereof), we went out for dinner.  A lot.  Like, every night.  There were four of us, which made experimenting kind of fun.  We would often drive the Highway 1 strip (which, for all of us normal people, isn’t a highway.  It’s a very busy road with a lot of lights) in search of food.  We dined a few places – a mediocre steakhouse (claiming to be the best in the Country, but I guess coming from Canada… we had different expectations), TGI Fridays (on my insistence), a fondue place (The Melting Pot – so, so so so good!), and one night we made an interesting stop at Crabby Jacks.  I wish I had a picture of the place.  For some reason, from the road it looked like a respectable, albeit slightly worn down, local place to eat.  And?  They sold local seafood.  We drove past it a few times, and finally I suggested that maybe we should try it out.  You know, just for fun.

We were not expecting what we got.  Firstly, it’s a large bar.  The seats were kind of gross, but you know, whatever.  It was busy, which was a good thing (in our eyes) and the local folk seemed to be ordering a lot of food (our theory was that if people who lived there chose to eat there, then it wouldn’t kill us, you know?).  Secondly, the waitresses were in hot pants, with flesh coloured fishnets, and their bums were hanging out the bottom of their little undies.  Seriously?  You couldn’t pay me enough in tips to work in my underwear.  Anyway, I do have to say that there wasn’t a girl there who shouldn’t be dressed like that (in regards to physique – whether they should be dressed like that as a matter of propriety… well, different discussion).

Oddly enough, we ended up all ordering the same thing – Snow crab with rice and veggies.  The crab was awesome.  We got 3 racks of legs… so 1.5 crabs each?  A huge portion of rice, and a bunch of steamed veggies (which, by the way, were doused in butter.  Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of steaming them?).  Did I mention that the crab was awesome?  Sadly, it got cold fast, as it takes a while to eat, but it was so, so good (and I am NOT a seafood kind of person).  They brought us melted butter in plastic cups (we weren’t expecting those little heated things, but that tends to warm the crab up, which makes for a nicer experience).  None of us ended up eating the rice and veggies, because we were so full on the crab part (and, by that time, a little ready to move on out of there).
There were a few things besides the waitresses outfits that I didn’t like about the evening.  1.  The bathroom?  Was absolutely effing disgusting.  I’ve never seen a worse bathroom, and I’ve peed in a fair number of bars.  I’m not sure what it is about the general area, but I would have to say that Deerfield/Boca Raton has the grossest bathrooms that I’ve been in.  2.  I was very sad to note that the crab STUNK.  I don’t like the fish smell, and gladly I stopped noticing it after I started to eat, but yeah.  Gross.  And the little sinewy things that connect the joints grossed me out at first too, but I got over that.  3.  The floors were sticky.  I know – it’s hard to keep pristine floors, but I just didn’t expect that sound when I wandered off to the bathroom.  I know – it was a bar!  Lower my standards, but those things definitely gave me the heeby jeebies.

So, I have to say that my seafood experience in southern Florida was really good.  The bathroom experience was HORRIBLE, but I will forgive them for that (mainly because I was not feeling so picky, with the excessive need to pee ALL THE TIME).