There is too much, I will sum up

Last night I did a heck of a lot of NOTHING!!!  Well, I did some things, and this is what:

1.  I planned my Sunday School lesson so I can pass it off to someone else, as we won’t be in church on Sunday (we’ll be in Toronto, catching our planes).

2.  I watched America’s Next Top Model *.

3.  I had a bath.

4.  I finished Little Earthquakes by Jennifer Weiner**.

5.  I read a few pages in my new Baby Book by Dr. Sears.

6.  And I went to bed.


I handed Rob a plate and said “INVISIBLE SUPPER!!!” and he was sad.  Then I put pot pies in the oven and all was good.  I even cut up some frozen cake to eat.  Yum.

*  Yes, I watch this show.  Yes, I actually enjoy it.  Sometimes, we watch it together, and we talk about who Rob thinks should win.  I’m kind of glad that Brittney’s gone.  I thought that she took gorgeous pictures, but I thought she just looked awkward and uncomfortable the rest of the time.  It’s too bad – she was a really pretty girl… but she didn’t even get booked ONCE after her go-see.  ::shakes head:: That’s pretty bad.  We think it will come down to Renee or Natasha.  Unless Jaslene surprises us, but we kind of doubt it.  I like Renee, I guess.  There isn’t a girl that I LOVE and really want to win, unlike other seasons.

**  This book was awesome.   I don’t know if it’s just because I’m pregnant and all that, but seriously?  I freaking loved it.  I think I’ll buy it, even.  I really felt like it had run the gambit with me – it made me laugh, made me want to cry, and I was definitely able to relate to the different characters (in different ways, of course).  Anyway.  It was excellent, and I loved it.  I’m now on to Undead and Unpopular by MaryJanice Davidson.  We’ll see how it goes – I’m not expecting great things.