Week 27 – Goodbye Sunshine!

So, I’ve hit the “dreaded” 27th week.  Ok, it’s not so bad.  Nothing much is different, minus the Braxton Hicks (seriously?  Seriously!), but what is special about this weeks is that it is the gateway to the Third Trimester!  Dun-dun-dun….

I have to say, my first trimester was pretty easy – while I couldn’t fit into any of my regular clothes, and I was feeling pretty crappy emotionally, the only “bad” parts were that I was tired all the freaking time, and I had pretty severe round ligament pain (shoot pain in my belly).  There was also that bit about the spotting, but that wasn’t a big deal (although sitting in emergency for several hours before deciding to check myself out was a pain in the bum).  I enjoyed being pregnant, although I spent a lot of my time being jealous of my friend N, who was in her second trimester and doing fun things like feeling the baby kick, and still wearing her pre-pregnancy clothes.   I have to remind myself that she did throw up every day, twice a day for three months, and frankly, that doesn’t sound like fun.

My second trimester has been the best by far.  I’ve been growing by leaps and bounds, and have discovered my first set of stretch marks.  Kitten started to move and tickle me in these last couple of months.  We got to see her, our sweet, sweet baby, and found out that she is a girl!  Also, I’ve just been feeling good, and feeling good about the pregnancy.  I feel like I look nice (although I’m bigger than usual, and my bathroom scale says I’m quite heavy), and I don’t feel all that awkward.  Well, I guess that it’s time for all the good stuff to end, and be replaced by the Third Trimester.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m happy to be in the home stretch.  I’m happy that in three months, I’ll get to hold my baby.  I’m happy that our lives are going to be completely turned upside down and topsy turvy (I actually am looking forward to it, even though it is supposed to be Not Fun at first).  What I’m not looking forward to is the incredible heat of summer, combined with the lack of air conditioning and my large belly.  I’m not looking forward to the even MORE swollen ankles and legs (seriously, you should have seen them yesterday).  I’m not looking forward to getting kicked in the ribs.  ::sigh:: It’s all part of having a baby, though, and I know that when I look back on it, I’m going to remember all the good parts and forget the bad parts, so that’s what I’m going to try to do – dwell on the positives (like the appetite, the baby wiggling around, feeling so good).


I bought my bathing suit for Florida yesterday.  Plus, a pair of jeans and another long tunic shirt (like the one I was wearing yesterday that I got a million compliments on, only in black).  I have never spent this much on jeans before ($70!!!), but they are SO comfortable, and they aren’t falling down (yet).  They have the three-in-one pannel, which means that the stretchy elastic cotton part comes right up over my entire belly and under my boobs – so they grip my body and actually stay up, rather than having a loose cotton band with an elastic that isn’t tight enough.  I’m very happy with them, and will love them forever.  They are so comfy, I just might keep wearing them.  I did manage to buy them with a big extra (but not very much) room in them so as my butt keeps expanding, well, so will my jeans.

But the bathing suit!  Ok, so I found one that I REALLY liked with a GREAT built in bra – lots of support, super comfortable, very little breast movement (this is important – no one likes to flop around).  The only problem?  It was a full size too small.  I could have worn it for this trip, but chances are that in a couple of weeks it would have been too small (and that would have been disappointing and a waste of money.  I did call around to see if any stores had my size, but it turned out that they just didn’t make it in the next size up.  So boo on that.  There was another suit that I didn’t mind, that was really cute, but I hated that it was a halter top (ties behind the neck).  This is an issue because the Girls are so heavy right now, it gives me a headache to support them that way.  I managed to get Rob to help me hold the straps in place, crossed in the back, so I could see how it would look if I were to tack the straps down instead of tying them.  It totally worked.  So, I bought it, took it home, sewed it all up, and voila!  Beautiful brown and aqua striped suit that fits perfectly (with a little room to grow)!  I was very, very happy that it worked out – I had no idea what else what might work.

Anyway.  That is really all that has been up with me, the last couple of days.  Oh, and tonight I have to find someone to take my Sunday School class for this week.  I have a lead, but now I just have to get my lesson planning done! Gah.  Maybe tonight.