Make Up Your Mind, Lady!

Monday night, I spent my evening at my sister-in-law’s house, using her husband’s (my brother-in-law-in-law?) computer library to compile the resources I need for my upcoming Sunday School lesson.  We’re very lucky to live really close to them – I can walk to their house in less than five minutes, so I did so after dinner.

When I first got there, Shawn took me down to the computer to show me his library and how to use it.  Firstly, let me say that I am impressed by this program.  I’m not sure that I have used a more powerful, simplifying tool.  I am completely smitten, and if I were a thief who had a larger backpack, I may have made off with the computer.  Instead, I will think back fondly and make up excuses to go back and use it [note:  This is the extreme book nerd in me coming out.  Seriously, even if I couldn’t get excited about Bible research, I could still get quite giddy with the thought of using a program where I just have to click a link and I can see every commentary in the digital library on any specific topic or passage I require.  Serious book nerd envy.].  ANYWAY.  I found the stuff I needed.  I sent myself over 100 pages of text that I am going to review and struggle with over the next few weeks as I prepare my lessons, and hopefully learn something myself as I go along.

It did make me keenly aware of how much I miss the church setting in which I was raised.  There is something about it that was comfortable and familiar.  It was the same (but different) every week, and I could find solace and quietness in it.  I’m not saying that I dislike my current church, or that I don’t find it comforting… it’s just different. [/ rabbit trail]

After I was done, I went to talk to Shawn and his wife before leaving.  Their son Jacob (name changed) was there and was in a pretty darn good mood (I love this kid!  So cute when he’s happy!  So UNHAPPY when he is not happy!).  He offered me toys.  He waved, he even brought me his snuggle blanket (which?  I just got one from Carolyn for my baby!  Yay!).  After a while, I apparently wasn’t taking the hint, so Jacob decided to get a little pushy.  And tried to push me into the living room.  I suppose that if I was going to stand there and talk, I may as well be sitting around and talking.  I didn’t think that I wanted to sit and talk, as I wasn’t going to be there that long, so I just kept moving around him while maintaining my conversation.  After our conversation ran down, I moved backwards towards their stairs and Jacob pushed the baby gate shut and waved – his obvious “good bye” move.  I could see his little mind working “Well, if you’re not going to come in, then GET OUT LADY!!!”  He was so cute!